Your Experts in Nationwide Contractor Licensing

Nationwide Contractor's LicenseCapitol Services Inc. has the background, expertise, experience and resources to conduct a State-by-State analysis of contractor licensing tailored for you or your company.

Each State has distinct contractor licensing requirements. Some states license virtually every trade, while others only license a few. A number of States require NO licensing at all.

We can provide you with a detailed analysis and report covering a few individual states, or all fifty.

Give us your parameters and we’ll determine what each state requires. This may include some or all of the following:

  • Is a license required for the work you perform?
  • If yes, what classification(s) does the State require?
  • How often does the state give their exams?
  • Which agency licenses contractors?
  • Estimated time it will take to secure a license?
  • Does the State have a mutual recognition, or reciprocity agreement, with another state?
  • Is the State you’re interested in one that requires residential, commercial or both type of licenses?
  • Other requirements as specified by the contractor.

Some States have an extensive application process up to 30 pages and require each applicant to pass an exam. Other States only require a short 1-2 page application and payment of a small fee to legally work as a “licensed” contractor.

While one state may license electrical, plumbing and fire sprinklers for residential properties, it may not require a General builder’s license to construct the entire home. Most all mandate registration with their tax authority and Secretary of State’s office or equivalent corporate enforcement agency.

The staff at Capitol Services, Inc. has conducted numerous nationwide research projects for companies throughout the country. Let us put our 30 years of expert experience to work for you.