Paying for Referrals

You probably have friends and relatives handing out your business cards for referrals. Is it legal to pay them? Anyone interested in forming an alliance with another contractor will benefit from an inquiry about 'JV's and GP's'. A Nevada contractor catches a 'waive' to ride in California with our first question… Q: I currently am … Continue reading Paying for Referrals

LLCs and RMEs

You're 'liable' to get 'hot under the collar' if you don't know the rules for working in the sun. As this is written, temperatures in California, Nevada and Arizona are reaching 120 plus, under sunny blue skies. Several contractors get a healthy helping of expert 'alphabet' soup, including 'Q&A' loaded with LLC's and RME's… Q: … Continue reading LLCs and RMEs

Taking a Partner

Life is often about changes. For our lives and our businesses. To paraphrase John Lennon, 'life happens to you while you're making plans'. Imagine these changes. Have you ever thought of taking a partner into your business? How would it work? Don't you think the qualifier on your license would like to retire one day? … Continue reading Taking a Partner