‘bureaucratese’; promotions

Q: I happened upon your website ( www.cutredtape.com) and thought you may have some advice and or answer to a particular licensing question. Here is the situation: My Original CA license was issued in1997 and I had three Additional classes added in 2006 and 2007.

I will be applying to Nevada for all four of my CA classifications and attempting a trade exam waiver for three. The fourth, (“C-10”) which they have clearly published, is not part of the reciprocal agreement.

I have viewed the applicable forms online thru Nevada’s website. The language on the application forms is not clear. The language on the Nevada verification form states “must be licensed for 5 years within the last 7” and “use one form for each license number”.

In my situation all classes were added by passing the trade exams and are all under one number that was originally issued in 1997. To my knowledge they do not detail when the other classes were added.

Have you experienced this situation before? If so what was the result? I am wondering if I should be preparing to take the Nevada trade exams for three of the four classes, plus the law? Any feedback would be appreciated.

A: In my 20 years of helping contractors in Nevada, I have encountered this situation many times.

Based on the information you provided, it is unlikely the NV Contractors Board will grant you a waiver of the classifications that were added in 2006 and 2007 or as indicated, the electrical trade (a “C-2” in NV). You must have held the specific license classification — not simply a license — for 5 of the previous 7 years. Since you did not provide me with a license number or the other classes you hold, I cannot say how many exams you ultimately will need to take (note some classifications do not have a trade test). As for the verification of licensure, you can use one form since the CSLB WILL detail when each class was added.

If applying for 4 different trades, you will likely need to file 4 separate applications and detail your experience for each one. This means you’ll need to secure up to 16 notarized reference sheets (4 for each trade).

Q: I am presently the RME (Responsible Managing Employee) on our company license. I was just appointed as the VP for Operations. Do I need to notify the Contractors Board? If so, should we complete the Application to Report Current Officers?

A: Congratulations on your recent promotion. Ironically, even though a ‘change of officers’ has occurred, you do need to notify the CSLB but strangely enough in this case it cannot be done using a Change of Officers form. Because you are the qualifier, you must file an ‘Application to Replace the Qualifying Individual’. This, in effect, means you’ll be replacing yourself, and thereby become the ‘new’ qualifier as RMO, or Responsible Managing Officer.