Solar Electric

Contractors are finding one ‘bright’ spot in the growing demand for ‘green’ energy. Another electrical contractor feels they are getting ‘burned’ by misinterpretation of the license rules. I will ‘bond’ with another contractor before helping a crane operator understand when a license is required to work in California… Q: Can a contractor perform solar work … Continue reading Solar Electric

General California Contractors License & Public Works Projects

While contractors have worked wonders in building the Golden State, even they can’t be in five places at once! Another contractor hopes to shed some ‘light’ on how General Engineering contractors can soak up some ‘green’ profits. And finally, another lesson in Public Works Bidding 101… Q: Can an “A” (Gen Engineering) license install wind … Continue reading General California Contractors License & Public Works Projects

Hazardous Certification In California

These contractor inquiries about rules and regulations regarding electrical and hazardous removal have been assembled from past columns, and answer some of the questions contractors are asking now. Plugging into hi tech power demand and removing what was once ‘state of the art’ in building tech require special certification before going to work… Q: As … Continue reading Hazardous Certification In California