Nevada Qualifiers, Out of State Fingerprinting & Renewals without an RME

Do you know you can’t use the same ‘fingerprints’ in two different states? We ‘qualify’ an answer for an out-of-state contractor, share tips on Nevada licensing and learn why your ‘fingerprints’ can’t cross state borderlines…


Q:  I noticed that Nevada doesn’t use the terms RMO/RME like California.  Does that mean that the Qualifying Individual must be contracted as an executive and be given a title (Vice President for example) in the State of Nevada?  If this is the case, could you please tell me what are the different titles that may apply?


A:  For the State of Nevada, your “Qualified Individual” may either be an employee or an Officer.  The Qualifier does not need to be given an Officer title in order to act in that capacity; however, if he/she is an Officer, the titles to choose from are President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer.


Q:  We are in the process of updating our Officers on our CA and NV licenses.  I am discovering that the new Officers are required to get fingerprinted for CA.  Will they also be required to get fingerprinted for NV?  If so, can the fingerprints they get here in CA be used for NV purposes as well?


A:  Yes, the Nevada State Contractors Board does require that all personnel you list on the application get fingerprinted.  The fingerprints are not transferable from one State to another.  For CA, the Officers cannot get fingerprinted until the application is submitted and they receive the request from the CSLB.  For Nevada, they can get fingerprinted ahead of time and submit these with the application.


Q:  My company is going to need a CA license for a project we have coming up and we were wondering if the Qualifying individual has to be an employee of the entity obtaining the license, or can he be an employee of a subsidiary company or parent company?  I’m not sure if it matters, but neither the subsidiary company nor parent company has a license in CA.


A:  A Responsible Managing Employee (RME) must be a bona fide employee of the applying entity.  This means that the RME must be employed by the firm and actively involved in the operation of the business at least 32 hours per week or 80 percent of the total business operating hours per week, whichever is less.


Q:  We just received our renewal for our CA License, but our RME left the company a few months ago (unbeknownst to the CSLB) so he is not available to sign.  We have designated a new RME but he is not on record yet.  He has some projects to finish with his own license before he wants to be added to our license.  Can we request an extension?  Or can we have the new qualifier sign and attach an explanation of our future plan?


A:  The CSLB will not accept a renewal unless it is signed by the Qualifying individual, as well as an Officer, listed on the license. The CSLB will not give you an extension, nor will they accept the new Qualifier’s signature until he is officially added to the license, even with an explanation.  In order for them to process the renewal, we suggest simultaneously submitting a Replacement of Qualifier application with the Renewal Application signed by the new Qualifier so that they can (hopefully) be processed together.