National Contractors Licensing, Renewing A License with No Officers & Fingerprinting

While hearts soar on the West Coast with the recent Series win by the San Francisco Giants, our fellow Americans on the Eastern Seaboard struggle to recover from ‘Sandy’s’ devastating strike. Where do you apply for the ‘national’ contractor’s license? Finally, we can help you save a couple bucks!…

 Q: We’re looking at doing work in the Hurricane Sandy states.  I wanted to know if you know of someone who could assist with the contractor state license requirements?

A:  Your question is a timely one in as much as the CSLB just issued a press release on this very issue.  The Contractors Board is reminding CA contractors to check East Coast jurisdictions before traveling to assist with Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.  The laws in other states vary.  Not all have licenses, while others require licensing at the local rather than state level.  According to CSLB Registrar Steve Sands, “it would be a mistake to assume that having a CA license enables you to work anywhere outside of this state”

Unfortunately, we do not know of any service that directly assists with licensing in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, etc. 

Q: I run a nationwide contractor referral business and found that the most difficult aspect of bringing on new contractors is verifying their licensing information due to the inconsistencies from state to state.  That is what ultimately led me to your web site. I would like to know if there is a nationwide license and also how your services work?

A:  We are a consulting firm and the main service we provide is to assist contractors with obtaining their contractor license in California, Nevada, and/or Arizona.  We often get asked about a “nationwide license” and as you are probably aware, such a thing does NOT exist.


Another service we provide is a State-by-State analysis of licensing requirements.  Because State licensing requirements change frequently, we can research the current procedures and provide a detailed report including whether a license is required (with or without an exam); whether there is reciprocity; what fees are necessary; bonding requirements (if any), etc.
Q:  Our renewal is due at the end of the month; however, both Officers listed on the application recently left the company.  How can we renew the license without an Officer’s signature?  What happens to the license if it’s not processed by the expiration date?  The Responsible Managing Employee (RME) still works for the company.


A:  The CSLB does require the signature of both an Officer and Qualifying individual (in your case the RME).  We recommend that you complete an Application to Report Current Officers and file this at the same time as the renewal application.  By adding one or more new individuals this will allow the CSLB to process the renewal – hopefully on a timely basis.  If an acceptable renewal is not processed by the expiration date, you’ll need to cease operations at that time.  The new Officer(s) will be required to provide fingerprints.

Q:  I was “Live Scan” fingerprinted in CA but since one of our Officers was fingerprinted out-of-state, she had to go through the “hard copy” card process.  On the CSLB web site, it states: “Return the cards with the required processing fee of $51.00 to the CSLB for submission to the DOJ and FBI”.  We did this however the CSLB sent it back saying the new fee is $49.00.  They pointed us to another location on the Contractor’s Board web site with this fee amount.  Why the inconsistency?

A:  We checked with someone at the CSLB and were told they’re aware of the ‘glitch’ but do not know when it will be changed.