RME Liability, Electrical Component Installations & “C-61″/”D-12”

The interaction with contractors and the feedback from readers is why this is written. Knowing you read every word is both gratifying and always of concern in getting it exactly right. We welcome your input positive or negative in serving to provide the assistance you need. We get started with a question that may have … Continue reading RME Liability, Electrical Component Installations & “C-61″/”D-12”

“B”, “C-5”, “C-27”, “C-61″/”D-41” Decks and LLC Licensing

Sometimes the ‘landscape’ of contractor’s regulation is like ‘separating the forest from the trees’.  We give added perspective to a recent answer that some thought had us ‘barking’ up the wrong tree! We save another aspiring contractor half of what he might have paid to license his corporation…   Q:  In a recent column in … Continue reading “B”, “C-5”, “C-27”, “C-61″/”D-41” Decks and LLC Licensing