Multiple Sole Owner Licensing, AZ Fingerprinting & HIC Contracts

We give a ‘hand’ to a contractor interested in getting a license in another state where fingerprints aren’t first on the list for ‘background’ checks. However I must ‘point out’ that it involves a definite window of opportunity. Another inquiry helps put the ‘contract’ into contracting…

Q:  Your Company helped me obtain my General contractor’s license in CA and NV.  I am now interested in obtaining an Arizona license.  Will I qualify for reciprocity?  Secondly, when I applied for my CA and NV licenses I was required to get fingerprinted. Does Arizona also require that I get fingerprinted?

A: It’s nice to hear from you again.  If your qualifying individual has been licensed for the previous five years in CA or NV and they took the equivalent general building trade exam in CA or NV then yes, that individual would qualify for reciprocity and be granted a waiver of the trade exam in Arizona.

In most cases, you are not required to get fingerprinted for the State of Arizona however they just started a new program where they require individuals listed on the license application to complete a Background Check.  The Background Check can be completed online, and a copy of the receipt you receive after completing the background check must be submitted along with your license application.  The license application and its receipt will not be accepted until four calendar days after the date of receipt and no more than 60 days thereafter.  Please let us know if you’d like our assistance with the process of obtaining your Arizona Contractor’s license.

Q:  Can an individual have two sole owner licenses?

A:  Yes.  There is nothing in the CA Contractor law that prevents an individual from holding two sole proprietor licenses.


Q: I came across your website and I wanted to say you have a lot of useful information for people in the construction industry and as a contractor in CA, AZ, and NV I thank you for the insight you provide. I have a question I was hoping you could answer for me directly. I’m about to get contracts made for my California license and I haven’t had any made in quite a while.  With changes in law all the time I’m not exactly sure what I am supposed to have on my contract to be completely legal. Is there anything you know about this? In regards to mechanic’s lien stuff am I supposed to add something on my contracts regarding a situation like that?

A:  If you intend on handling home improvement projects, the law is very specific regarding what must be included in a contract.  You can go to the CSLB website ( and check out the publication entitled “Contracting For Success, A Contractor’s Guide to Home Improvement Contracts”.  This should give you all the information you may require.  However, last July, the CSLB website also posted all the new Mechanic’s lien notices.  These all took effect 7/1/ 2012 and I would suggest going to their website for a list of these forms.

Finally, I would further suggest contacting a construction attorney who specializes in Construction/Contract law to review your contract (whether home improvement or not) to determine if you have dotted all your ‘i’s’ and crossed all your ‘t’s’.  I hope this helps point you in the right direction.