Multiple Sole Owner Licensing, LLC, Renewals & Suspended Licenses

While you can’t ‘clone’ yourself yet, it is possible for a Sole Owner to ‘multiply’ his contractor licensing opportunity. A short answer for a long question and good news from Arizona resolving an issue and updating our Q&A from a recent column…

Q:  I have a General Building license and I want to also get a “C-36” Plumbing license.  The CSLB told me to complete an Additional Classification application so I did that and submitted it, however now I’m thinking that I’d like a separate license number for the plumbing business.  Can I have more than one Sole Owner license?

A:  Yes, an individual can have more than one Sole Owner license.  In fact, there is no limit to how many Sole Owner licenses a person can have.  However, in your case you will need to withdraw your Application for Additional classification in order for the CSLB to process the application for a new license.


Q:  We recently merged our corporation in to a Limited Liability Company (LLC), both of which hold active contractor licenses.  The Secretary of State shows the corporation as “merged out”, but the CSLB still shows that our contractor’s license is active and doesn’t expire until August.  The LLC currently only holds the “C-10” (Electrical) classification while the corporation has the B (General Building) along with many other classifications.  Can we still use the corporation license to sign contracts for work that doesn’t fall under the “C-10” (in which case we’d use the LLC license) since the license is still active?  We plan to move all the classifications from the corporation’s to the LLC’s license but obviously that will take some time.


A:  Even though your license is still active, technically the corporation no longer exists so you should not be doing business under that entity.


Q:  My license is currently Suspended due to a judgment (which I am working on resolving) but I received a renewal notice.  Do I still send in the renewal even though it’s Suspended?

A:  The CSLB will not renew your license as Active until you clear the Suspension.  You can still send in the renewal on time with the appropriate fee to avoid the delinquent fee, but if you don’t have documentation along with it showing the judgment has been resolved the CSLB will send you a rejection/correction letter asking for whatever is required to clear the Suspension.


In a recent column we addressed a reader’s question regarding a notice he received from the Arizona Department of Revenue stating that contractors were no longer required to have a TPT (Transaction Privilege Tax) license.  At the time, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) was in fact still requiring that contractors maintain their TPT license, however they were working with the Legislature to eliminate this requirement.


The ROC was successful in making the law consistent with the Department of Revenue and they no longer require that a TPT license be obtained for a contractor’s license, nor are contractors required to maintain existing TPT licenses.