AZ Generals, Installing Artificial Turf and Disassociation Notice

Misconceptions, rumor, ‘friendly advice’ and complex rules that change when borders get crossed make it tough for contractors at times. That’s one reason it’s important to ask questions! We begin in Arizona and will proceed ‘one step at a time’ because it’s important to get it right wherever you work…

Q:  You helped our corporation obtain a second General Building license in California.  We had to attach a ‘dba’ (doing business as) name since it was the same corporation with the same classification.  We are also licensed in Arizona and we want to get a second General Building license there with a different Qualifier since you can’t have multiple Qualifiers on the same license.  Does Arizona also require that we attach a dba to the second license?

A:  Actually, no.  Arizona allows you to have as many licenses as you want under the same corporate name, so you will not be required to have the dba attached.

Q:  I want to get my contractor’s license for painting, drywall, cabinetry, and other types of finish work.  I was told I wouldn’t qualify for a General Building license because I don’t have experience framing. Can I apply for all the classifications that I need at the same time?

A:  No, you would need to start with one classification and then once issued, add the additional classifications, step by step, one at a time.  Remember that you are required to show at least four years of full time work experience, within the last ten years, in each trade that you are applying for. Call if you need assistance.

Q:  I am a “C-27” (Landscaping) contractor.  With the current drought that we are experiencing in California, I’ve had a few people contact me regarding installing synthetic turf to replace their grass since they aren’t watering as much.  Can I do that with my landscaping license?

A:  Yes you sure can.  Installing synthetic turf requires either a “C-27” (Landscaping) license or a “C-61”/”D12” (Synthetic Products) license.

Q:  We just received our renewal notice and one of the Officers the CSLB has listed on here is no longer with the company.  We updated our Officers with the Secretary of State as soon as he left, but obviously the CSLB was not notified.  How do we go about getting his name off of the license?

A:  It’s good that you updated the Secretary of State (SOS), but that doesn’t automatically update the contractor’s license or CSLB.  You will need to file a Disassociation Notice to remove him.  If he has been replaced you will also want to submit an application to add the new Officer.

Contractor Note: In a recent newsletter, the CSLB reminds public works contractors that prime contractors are required to submit the contractor license number of each subcontractor they plan to hire when bidding a job.  This requirement took effect in July 2014 and the goal of this legislation is to “stop prime contractors from knowingly or unknowingly hiring unlicensed subcontractors to work on public works projects.”