License Number Advertising, Generals & Landscaping and Expiration of Renewal Applications

Does where your CA license number must appear include the shirt on your back! Keeping work in progress may hinge on your timing when it comes to getting a renewal without a costly timeout. Aiming for the top is not a bad plan, but what level will get you a passing grade on license testing in Nevada? …

Q:  We are an “A” General Engineering contractor and we have been self- performing landscaping work (fencing, irrigation, etc) as part of our highway and park projects for over 20 years.  Now the city is telling us that we need to have a “C-27” (Landscaping) classification in order to bid on a park project that is about forty percent landscaping.  Is that right?

A:  The “A” can self-perform or subcontract the landscaping work if the overall project falls within the General Engineering class.  Because General Engineering contractors can perform projects that involve “parks, playgrounds and other recreational works,” you should be able to do the work, however the City ultimately decides what type of Contractor they want to perform the work.  You may want to either add the “C-27” classification to your license (since it sounds like you have the requisite experience), or sub-contract that portion of the project to a licensed Landscaping Contractor.

Q:  I know that I’m required to have my license number on all advertisements such as business cards, trucks, and print ads.  What about our company shirts?  Do we need to have our license number on those?

A:  Yes, according to the CSLB’s Advertising Guidelines for Contractors, “advertising” includes “any clothing or giveaway items that include your company name or logo.”

Q:  My license is set to expire on July 31st.  I sent in my renewal application along with the fee and I confirmed with the CSLB that they received it on July 28th.  They told me that they are taking at least two weeks to process renewals, which means they won’t process mine until after the expiration date.  Since I sent it in on time can I still work while they are processing my application?

A:  Your license status will reflect “expired” until the CSLB processes your renewal, therefore no, you should not be doing any work when your license is not active.  We always recommend that you send in your renewal several weeks before the expiration to avoid any lapse in the license.

Q:  I will be taking the Nevada General Building trade test and the Construction Management test next week.  Do you know what percentage I need in order to pass?

A:  You are required to score at least 70% on the trade exam and at least 75% on the Construction Management exam.