“C-42” & Generals, HIS Changes and Disaster Scams & Unlicensed Contracting

Sometimes roads are easy, sometimes they need work and others are just rough. In making all the complex ‘wheels’ in government click together, a ‘bump’ in the ‘road’ of interpretation can sometimes knock it out of whack. That leads to some need for repairs, as all General Engineering companies know, the parts must mesh together for everyone to get the job done. With this ‘wrenching’ clarification we set straight a ‘bump’ that rattled parts of the industry across the state! …

In my article published on August 10, 2015, I responded to an “A” contractor. He was asking whether he could perform just septic work with his General Engineering license.  Based on information I received directly from the CSLB, I responded that an “A” contractor could not perform just septic systems unless it was in connection to a project that required specialized engineering knowledge and skill.

Again, based on information received from higher authority at CSLB, I advised him to add the “C-42” (Sanitation) classification to his license if he was doing strictly septic system projects.  After receiving multiple calls from extremely baffled General Engineering contractors who had been performing septic system projects for many years with their “A” license, I went to the top and contacted the Registrar of Contractors, Cindi Christenson, to further clarify our inquiry.  Mrs. Christenson quickly had her staff research this further and it was determined that in fact, yes, an “A” contractor can perform septic systems!

In the CSLB’s Building Official Guide it states “A Plumbing (“C-36”) contractor may contract and pull permits for installation of a seepage pit or other components of a septic system.  A General Engineering (“A”) contractor or Sanitation System (“C-42”) contractor may also perform this work.”  Further, the guide also states that an “A” contractor is permitted to take a contract to perform single specialty trades when that work is needed to complete a larger project which requires specialized engineering knowledge or skill. These differing interpretations were of immediate concern to CSLB leadership.

All of that being said, the Contractor’s State License Board plans to re-evaluate whether there is a consumer protection need that would require them to revisit the scope of work “A” contractors may perform.  As always, we will keep you informed of any changes or updates.

As it is always our goal to keep contractors in the loop of any changes or updates, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. recently signed Senate Bill 561 simplifying the HIS (Home Improvement Salespersons) registration process.  Effective January 1, 2016, HIS individuals will only have to register once while still representing multiple employers.  Currently, HIS individuals are required to register with the CSLB separately for each contractor that employs them.  HIS applications have been rapidly on the rise, particularly in the solar industry, so this new bill will simplify and quicken the registration process.

Consumer & Contractor’s Note: Sadly, much of California is up in smoke with the wildfires that have engulfed a vast amount of land and property. The CSLB is warning wildfire victims to be wary of deceitful and unlicensed contractors soliciting to rebuild your homes or businesses.  Always remember to avoid rushing in to any agreements and check the license first!

CSLB’s SWIFT investigators are already on the job in the counties that have been affected on the lookout for unlicensed contractors. Still, buyers beware.

These subjects confirm the CSLB’s objectives of protecting the public while also looking out for the contractors they are licensing at the same time.