More Generals, “C-42” & Waivers, Sole Owners & Responsible Managing Employee/ RME

It’s important to ‘look before you leap’ because some actions have one-time only limits we share with our first contractor. However, with expert assistance a ‘soft’ landing may still work out. Another Sole Owner could get busier by becoming ‘inactive’ as a RME…

Q:  You just recently helped me with adding the “C-42” (Sanitation Systems) classification to my “A” (General Engineering) license.  We were successful in obtaining a Waiver of the “C-42” based on the fact that I have had the General Engineering license for so long.  I am now in need of your help with adding the “C-36” (Plumbing) and “B” (General Building) classifications to my license.  Can you help me with that as well?  Would I be eligible for a Waiver of those exams too?

A:  The Registrar of Contractors has the authority to grant a waiver of the license exams under two B&P Code sections – 7065.1 and 7065.3.  You were able to secure a waiver because you met all the criteria in 7065.3, including that the classification is “closely related to the classification or classifications in which the licensee is licensed, or the qualifying individual is associated with a licensed general engineering contractor or licensed general building contractor and is applying for a classification which is a significant component of the licensed contractor’s construction business”

This being said, I do not believe the CSLB would grant another Waiver for these two classifications since you must show at least four years of full time work experience in the trade(s) you are applying for.

The “C-36” may be easier to obtain because it is related to your other classifications; however, on the C-42” application you stated that you had over four years of full time experience doing Sanitation Systems work in conjunction with your “A” license.  The CSLB will likely question how you were able to perform all aspects of the “C-42” and “C-36” (full time) with your current General Engineering license.  Be prepared to provide documentation such as permits, contracts, and possibly project lists that pertain specifically to your plumbing work.

The “B” license may be more difficult since it requires the four years of full time work experience to be in framing and at least two unrelated trades. Since the “B” classification is not closely related to your current license, nor to the work experience that you just recently provided to the CSLB to obtain the “C-42” classification, I believe it’s unlikely the CSLB will approve you for the “B” General Building classification, even with taking the exam. However, all is not lost.

Another option is to hire someone to be your Qualifier who either already has a “B” or “C-36” license, or has the documented experience in order to sit for the exams.  You can then replace that person after the appropriate number of years.

Q:  I have a Sole Owner license that I use every once in awhile to do jobs on the side.  My employer’s Responsible Managing Employee (RME) just resigned and they now want me to become RME on their license.  They told me that I wouldn’t be able to use my personal license anymore once I am added to their license.  Does that mean I have to cancel my license?  If I cancel it will I ever be able to get it back in the future if I decide to leave the company or go out on my own eventually?

A:  You don’t necessarily have to cancel the license.  You can always Inactivate it.  That way you can Reactivate in the future when you are ready to use it again.  There is a biannual Inactivation fee, but you do not need to maintain your Bond or Worker’s Comp with an Inactive license.  If you cancel the license and decide you want it back in the future, you are required to apply for a new license and then request your old number back.