Work Experience, Worker Comp, NV “C-4” & Losing Your Qualifier

What is ‘lost’ can be found! An Oregon contractor heads south alone, and while you may be a ‘stud’ contractor in another state it’s a little harder to make the same claim for work in California…

Q:  I had a contractor’s license many years ago and I want to get it back.  I understand that since it’s been over five years I need to re-apply and take the exams again.  Is it necessary for me to complete the “Certification of Work Experience” portion of the application since I have been licensed in the past?

A:  No, you do not need to provide a Work Experience page if you have been licensed in the past.

Q:  I am an Oregon contractor and I am going to be applying for a California contractor’s license.  Do I need to carry Worker’s Comp Insurance if I’m not going to be employing anyone for the work I’m contracting for?  I will be sub-contracting all of the work.  In the event that I do want to use my employees to perform the work, am I subject to maintain California Workers Comp?  My employees would come from Oregon to California for less than a month at a time and they are covered through my Oregon Worker’s Comp Insurance policy.

A:  You do not need to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance if you will be sub-contracting all of your work and not employing anyone.  You also do not need to maintain California Worker’s Comp if you are utilizing Oregon employees that are covered under your out of state policy.


Q:  I have a “C-4” (Painting and Decorating) license in Nevada that covers me to do painting, metal stud framing, drywall, and acoustical ceilings.  I need to get a license in California and I wanted an expert opinion on what the equivalent  classification would be?

A:  Here in California you would need a “C-33” (Painting) license in order to perform the painting work, however the Painting class does not allow you to do metal stud framing, drywall, or acoustical ceilings.  To perform those trades you would need a “C-9” (Drywall) classification.  Remember that you can only do one at a time so you will need to apply for one classification and then add the second one after the first is issued.  Depending on how long you have been licensed in Nevada you may be able to qualify for a Waiver of the “C-33” trade exam.  Contact us if you’d like assistance with this.

Q:  Our Corporation just recently obtained a Contractor’s license by hiring an individual who already had a license (he Inactivated it in order to Qualify for us).  We are wondering what happens if our RME (Responsible Managing Employee) leaves the company?  Will we need to re-apply for a new license?

A:  The license belongs to the corporation, so no, you will not be required to apply for a new license.  When a Qualifier leaves or Disassociates from the license, the corporation has 90 days in order to replace that individual.  If you do not replace the Qualifier within 90 days, the license will go Suspended until a new Qualifier is added.