Foreign Corporation Licensing & SS Numbers, NV Sandblasting & Licensing at Sea

While our focus is often California and contractors working the Golden State, we also work over the borders. From our far northern neighbor to next door in the Silver State, these questions come from contractors putting miles on their licenses…

Q:  We are a Canadian corporation and need to obtain a CA Contractor’s License.  On the application it states that all individuals listed on the application are required to list their social security number.  We are all citizens of Canada and do not have US social security numbers.  How do international companies do contracting work in CA?  Would a passport suffice?

A:  The CSLB recently amended that requirement to allow for non-US citizens to be listed on the license applications.  However, if any personnel listed on the application do not have a social security number, they are required to instead list their Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.  Unfortunately a passport cannot be used in lieu of the required social security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Q:  My license is set to expire in a few days, on August 31st.  I called the CSLB and they said that they would send me one but it would be at least a week.  Is there any way to expedite that?

A:  Capitol Services is located here in Sacramento and we can pick a renewal application for you, but we need to have a Power of Attorney to obtain the renewal for you.  That will reduce mailing time.

Q:   I am a licensed contractor in CA.  I have an “A”, and Hazardous Waste certification. I need to know if I need a Painting “C” license or can I do sandblasting under the “A”?  If I need this can I get any testing waived? I also would like to know how difficult is it to get reciprocity for a NV license?

A:  In most instances, you would need a sandblasting (“C-61”/”D-38”) license to perform this type of limited specialty.  It is NOT necessary to secure a “C-33” (Painting) class unless you do more than sandblasting.  You’ll be required to file a completed application detailing your work experience.  While the “A” is a very broad classification, I do not believe sandblasting would be considered part of “general engineering”.  There is no testing for this trade.

The Nevada Contractors Board will likely require that you secure the “C-4d” (sandblasting) class to perform this work.  Regarding the trade exam and reciprocity, this should not be an issue.  Nevada has NO trade test for the “sandblasting” specialty license.  However, you’ll still need to show 4, or more, years experience in this trade and pass the business management exam.  Most important is the comprehensive application process Nevada requires for ALL applicants.

Q:  We’re an out-of-state corporation that will be doing contracting work on a cruise ship.  The ship is due to dock in San Diego, where our employees will get on.  From there the ship will head out to Seattle and our crews “in tow”.  Do we need a CA license to do the work since it will be docking in San Diego?
A: Interesting question!  Our research indicates that you do not require a CA contractor’s license to work on this vessel. Bon Voyage!