CA Worker’s Comp & DBA’s and NV Applications & Expirations

As a ‘general’ rule for contractors in Nevada there is a way to skip some of the test taking in CA. Other contractors learn rules are not made to be broken, and waiting to the ‘last’ minute can ‘qualify’ you for license suspension…

Q:  We recently applied for a Contractor’s License and the CSLB did not approve our business name and required that we add a ‘dba’ (doing business as) name, which we did.  We already have a Worker’s Comp policy issued in our original business name.  Do we now need to have a new Certificate issued and if so, would it be proper to have the new Certificate issued in the ‘dba’ name since that’s how we will be conducting business in California?

A:  The Worker’s Comp Certificate should list the entire business name, including the ‘dba’ as the insured.  Also be sure that the Certificate lists the CSLB as the Certificate Holder.

Q:  My company currently has an “A” (General Engineering) license in Nevada.  We need to get licensed in California and I understand that some of the classifications are different with regards to what they cover.  We do refractory maintenance, installation and repair in the petrochemical area, as well as fireproofing.  Can you tell me what classification we should apply for and whether I can waive the exams based on reciprocity?

A:  The most appropriate classification for that type of work would also be an “A” (General Engineering) here in California.  If you have been actively licensed in good standing for the previous five years you can submit verification of your Nevada license and request to Waive the trade exam, however you are still required to take the Law exam.

Q:  The Responsible Managing Employee (RME) on our license resigned a couple months ago and just recently informed the CSLB.  Now our license has a notation stating that if we do not replace him by 11/10 our license will be Suspended.  We have a new person designated to fill this spot but he is still working on getting his experience pages verified.  Will our license remain Active as long as we have the new replacement application submitted before 11/10?  If not, is there any way to expedite the new application or get some sort of extension?

A:  Even if you submit your replacement application before your 11/10

Suspension date (without an extension request), your license will still show the current status as Suspended.  You can however, request a 90-day extension request if you have an application in process to replace your RME.  These extension requests are generally granted, however we recommend that you submit it as soon as possible because the closer you get to your suspension date, the likelier it is that the Board will not approve it.  They are usually generous with these requests, but they have their workload too so it’s best not to come in at the ‘last’ minute!

Q: Our company has had a Nevada license for over 25 years.  We have been focused on work in CA for the past 5 years and let our Nevada license lapse.  How do we go about reinstating it?

A:  I’m sorry to say, I looked up your company’s license and it expired over 6 months ago.  Unfortunately, once your Nevada license has been expired for more than 6 months you need to apply for a new license.  Contact us if you would like assistance with the process!