Documenting Experience, Pressure Lines, Qualifying More Than One License & Expediting AZ Licenses

As a contractor or applicant keeping your address current at CSLB, documenting the work you do and learning licensing rules and regulations are also parts of a contractor’s work. Getting important paperwork or notices, proving experience and operating legally are necessary. However, some practices may change without much notice, until your needs require it. That’s one reason we share expertise here. Other ‘high pressure’ questions and answers lead us to finish in AZ, where it’s ‘take a number’ in applying for a license…

Q:  A friend of mine took the CSLB exam six years and didn’t pass.  Now he’s been in the trade for a total of 14 years and he recently re-applied for a license.  He states that the CSLB will not let him sit for the exam again due to not being able to produce records of four years of experience.  My question is, if the State allowed him to sit for the exam six years ago, why not now?  Has the CSLB changed the rules?

A:  That’s two questions! But the CSLB has not so much “changed the rules.”  They still (and always have) require that an applicant display at least four years of full time work experience within the last ten in the trade they are applying for.  However, they do require more documentation now than they did six years ago.  In addition to the work experience page that has always been required, they sometimes now request additional documentation such as W-2’s, contracts, permits, etc.  If an applicant cannot produce such documentation, they do not qualify to sit for the exam or obtain a license.

Q:  I’m applying for a “C-4” (Boiler) license.  Will that license allow me do natural gas lines and compressed air?

A:  As long as the work is for the proper function of the boiler system you are installing, yes, you can run gas and compressed air lines.

Q:  I know a person can only Qualify up to three firms at a time but is there any limit to how many joint ventures a firm can qualify?

A:  A person can Qualify up to three firms at time only under certain circumstances, but no, there is no limit to how many JV (Joint ventures) licenses a firm can have.

Q:  We are in need of an Arizona Contractor’s license ASAP.  Do they have an option to pay extra to have your application expedited?

A:  Unfortunately the AZ Registrar of Contractors does not have that option.  They process license applications in the order received.