RMO Transfer In Family, “C-36”, “C-42”, “C-12” & What Work Handy-People Can Do

We ‘salute’ our first ‘Officer’ as a contractor who seeks a way to hand on his license to a son. A Plumber won’t ‘dig’ the answer on a public works bid for a county project and there isn’t any kind of work a ‘handy’ person can’t do within a specific limitation…

Q:  I have a question about phasing out our company. I am now the listed RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) on my license. My son who has been an Officer since 2000 would like to take over as RMO. Will he be required to do any testing?

Second question: If he wishes to add any classifications will he be required to take the law test as well as the classification test?

A:  Since your son has been an Officer on the license for over five years, he can apply to replace you on the license and request to waive the law and trade exams. Keep in mind that this is a request and not guaranteed, but we can assist you with the paperwork and the request letter if you’d like.

With regards to adding classifications to the license in the future, once he is the RMO on the license he will not be required to take the law exam to add a classification.  The trade exam for additional classifications will likely be required.  In certain circumstances, if the trade is closely related to the classification currently held, a contractor can request to waive the trade exam, however keep in mind that each licensee can only request a Waiver of an exam once every five years.

Q:  I currently have a “C-36” (Plumbing) and “C-42” (Sanitation Systems) license. I have been doing work in Marin county since 1974.  The county of Marin’s permit department is telling me I need a “C-12” (Earthwork and Paving) license to repair a sewer line in the street.  I have always thought that my other license covered this type of work. None of the other cities are requiring me to have a “C-12”, just the county of Marin. Do I need an Earthwork and Paving license to excavate a hole 2 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 4 feet deep?


A:  Thank you for contacting Capitol Services Inc.  You can perform incidental street work while performing the installation or repair of sanitation or sewage systems with your “C-42” license.  Unfortunately, the CSLB doesn’t have jurisdiction over what the counties require and many counties are requiring other licenses ranging from the “C-12” to the “C-34” (Pipeline) classification to even the “A” (General Engineering) classification.  If you can show at least four years of work experience doing “C-12” work, we can assist you with the process of adding this classification to your license. A trade exam would be required.

Q:  I am a handyman and I do minor repair work, always under $500.  Is there any type of work, such as electrical, that I am not allowed to perform without a Contractor’s License?

A:  I am not aware of any specific trades that you cannot perform, as long as the project is under $500, labor and materials combined.  Keep in mind if you are advertising for doing this type of work, you are required to state in your ad that you do not hold a California Contractor’s License.