License Continuance, NV Alien Applications and Financial Capital Requirements

While some ‘quick’ questions require lengthy answers here, we start with some easy ones this go-round!  We ‘add’ to contractor’s knowledge, ‘frame’ a General, help sort out some other issues including a cancelled license and who can and who can’t get a ‘continuance’ to finish up contract work…

Q:  Quick question I was hoping you could answer/confirm for me:  Are there any capital / financial requirements a contractor must satisfy (other than application fees) in order to qualify for a license?  In other words, is the contractor required to provide any proof of financial stability or past financial records in order to qualify for the license?  I suspect no, but was simply hoping to confirm.  Thanks in advance.

A:  No, there is no financial requirement for Contractors to qualify for a license.

Q:  If I file for a new corporate license with me being the sole corporate Officer/President, can I add someone later?
A:  Yes, you can always update the Officers on the license.  If there is a change in Officers, you are required to notify the CSLB within 90 days.

Q:  I’m going to be using your company to assist me with obtaining my General Building (“B”) license.  I’m wondering if I should apply for additional licenses as well such as a framing license.  I’m going to be building homes and I want to make sure I’m covered.

A:  You will be covered to build homes with the “B” (General Building) license. You will also be covered to do framing with your license.  A General Building Contractor may take a prime contract or a subcontract for a Framing or Carpentry project.  However, a General Building Contractor cannot take a prime contract or a subcontract for any project involving trades other than Framing or Carpentry unless the contract requires at least two unrelated building trades or crafts other than those two, or unless they hold the appropriate classification, or subcontracts the work to an appropriately licensed specialty contractor.

Q:  I noticed on the Nevada Contractor’s License application that one of the questions asks if our Officers are US citizens.  Is that a requirement for a Nevada License?  One of our Officers is a permanent resident of US, but he’s not a citizen.


A:  No, US citizenship is not required to obtain a Nevada Contractors License.  Just be sure he includes his INS card and Social Security Card when submitting the application.

Q:  My license expires at the end of the month and I have the renewal here ready to send.  I want to change my business name.  Can I just cross off the name they have on the renewal form and list the new name I want to use?

A:  No, you cannot use the renewal application to change your business name.  You will need to complete an Application to change your business name.

Q:  When a corporate license is cancelled, is there a way to request a continuance of the license in order to finish contracts/work in progress?

A:  No.  Only Sole ownership, Partnership, or Joint Venture entities may apply for a continuance.  Corporations and Limited Liability Companies are not eligible for a continuance.