Expired License, Multiple Applications and AZ “C-9” Reciprocity

Now you see it, now you don’t! Making license expert ‘magic’ to get us going for our first contractor and not a day too soon. I bring ‘order’ to the growth of a corporate licensee and ‘skate’ over the answer for an AZ concrete contractor…

Q: Our license is set to Expire tomorrow.  We submitted the Renewal Application last week, but the CSLB informed us it will take them several weeks to process it so the license will go Expired until they process the Renewal.  Will that expiration period always be reflected on our license?

A  Not necessarily.  As long as the CSLB has an acceptable Renewal Application in their hands priorto the expiration date, once they process it, it will be retroactively renewed, and the ‘Expired’ period will not be reflected if anyone were to pull a license history.

Q:  We have a Corporation with six separate licenses for our six different dba’s.  We are going to be applying for two new licenses for our Corporation with two new dba’s.  All individuals on the application (Responsible Managing Officer and two additional Officers) have been fingerprinted for the CSLB for our previous licenses.  How long (approximately) will it take for the CSLB to issue the new licenses?  Is it likely they will be issued on the same day?  We are trying to anticipate a closing date for the transactions.

A:  The process at the current time will take about 3-4 weeks for each Application.  The licenses will definitely not be issued on the same daybecause you will need to submit the applications one after the other.  An individual (whether RMO/RME or Officer) cannot have multiple license applications in process at the same time.  The fact that both applications list the same people, one license will need to be issued in ‘order’ to submit that second application.

Q:  We are an Arizona company that constructs skate parks.  In AZ, we have a “C-9” (Concrete) Contractor’s license.  We are looking to expand in to California. Is the Concrete license the appropriate classification for us to hold in California?  Is there Reciprocity?

A:  If you are strictly pouring/forming the concrete for the skate parks, yes, the “C-8” (Concrete Contractor in CA) would be the most appropriate.  However, if you are also constructing other aspects of the park such as railings, parking lot, landscaping, etc. you may want to obtain the CA “A” (General Engineering) classification.  There is Reciprocity for the Concrete classification, so if your Qualifier has been actively licensedin Arizona for five out of the last seven years, he/she would qualify for a Waiver of the trade exam.  The Law exam would still be required.