Foreign Company Licensing, Qualifier Disassociation and Qualifier Rules

When you are bi-national and cross country you also may need expert assistance! Another out-of-state question from a contractor gets a ‘qualified’ answer ahead of one for a “C-17”. The last one is ‘mistaken’ in more ways than one…

Q:  We are a Canadian firm, but our US based company is in Florida.  We have a Contractor’s license in Florida.  We just landed a job in CA but we are not licensed there so we need to obtain a license immediately.  I am not at all familiar with the licensing rules and procedures in CA.  Does a CA Contractor’s license expire?  If so, what is the duration?

A:  Thank you for contacting us.  California licenses need to be renewed every two years to remain valid.

Q:  We are a Michigan contractor and we have a potential job in California, so we need to obtain a General Building (“B”) contractor’s license.  From the research I’ve done, in order to speed up the process, we should identify an individual who already holds a “B” license.  Our concern is if our Qualifier leaves the company, are we no longer licensed?

A:  Once your Qualifier leaves the company, the CSLB allows you 90 days (from the Notice of Disassociation) to replace your Qualifying person.  Once your application is in process, you can request a one-time 90-day extension.  You should have this request (if needed) submitted several weeks before your deadline in order to get approved for the extension.

Q:  We are needing to apply for a “C-17” (Glazing) contractor’s license. With regards to a Qualifying Individual, is there a difference between using a trade employee vs. a corporate Officer?  Does the individual need to have the specific specialty experience we are applying for, or is someone with general construction and/or engineering experience acceptable?

A:  Regardless of whether you use an RME (Responsible Managing Employee), or an RMO (Responsible Managing Officer), your Qualifying person will need to have the required experience in the specific tradeyou are applying for.  Officers and employees do have different responsibilities, please contact my office to discuss the differences.

Q:  We need to change our Qualified Individual and we have an employee currently holding an Inactive license who is willing to Qualify our license.  We submitted the Application for Original Contractor’s License “Waiver”.  I’m trying to follow up and get some status but all I can see is there has been a rejection of some sort.  I’ve been unable to get a hold of a live person at the CSLB.  Can you help?

A:  Hmmm…sounds like you mistakenly submitted the incorrect application, which is likely reason for the rejection.  Because you already have a license and are looking to update your Qualifier, you should have actually submitted the Application for Replacing the Qualifying Individual.  This will require that you withdraw your current “Waiver” application, and you will be issued a new application number for the Replacement application.