NASCLA License, Family Transfer and Test Reschedule Fees

One size does not fit all when it comes to contractor licenses! A ‘grand-daddy’ of questions has a family flair, and a final question that is ‘pass’ or ‘fail’…

Q:  I have taken the NASCLA (National Association of State Licensing Agencies) General Building exam.  Will that qualify me for a license in CA, NV, and AZ?  

A:  To qualify for a license in CA, NV, and AZ, you are required to document at least four years of experience in the trade.  The fact that you passed the NASCLA exam will allow you to waive the trade exam in Nevada, however you will still be required to take the Construction Management Survey exam.  CA and AZ do not recognize the NASCLA exam, both law and trade exams would be required in CA and AZ.

Q: My husband has been working for his parent’s family-owned company for the past ten years. His parents want to retire, and I read somewhere that he would be able to work under a “grandfather” license. I haven’t really been able to find out too much information about the process and what he needs to qualify or how to go about doing that. Any advice would be appreciated.

A: There is no formal “grandfather” license. I think you’re referring to a law (7065.1) that allows a close relative to take over an existing license. If the family owned business is a Sole Proprietorship, this is commonly referred to as a “family waiver”. This would allow your husband to waive the exams and become the new Qualifier.   On the other hand, if the family business is a corporation, your husband can apply to replace the present Qualifier (his father or mother) with a Waiver request.

Q:  I have been in contact with the CSLB regarding the need for our company to hold the “A” General Engineering classification vs. the “C-/61”/”D-21” Machinery and Pumps license.  It seems that either one would work, but I wanted to make sure we would be able to sub-contract out the electrical/mechanical portion of our work with either license.  Do you have any advice?

A:   If you plan on subcontracting or self-performing any of the work then the “A” General Engineering classification is required.

Q:  Your company is helping us obtain our CA Contractor’s License.  If our qualifying party fails to pass the exam, how does that change the process?

A:  If your Qualifier fails the Law and Business examination and/or the Trade examination, you must pay a $60 fee each time he/she is rescheduled. The CSLB gives a period of 18 months to pass the examinations. If he/she does not pass within 18 months after the application is accepted by the Board, your application is considered void, and you will have to submit a new application with new fees