RMO, CSLB Testing Sites, Out-of-State Fingerprinting and Worker’s Compensation

With lots of rebuilding commercial and residential properties in fire-damaged areas across our state contractors from elsewhere are coming West. Others are adding to their opportunities with new classes, new entities and lots of ‘qualified’ help is needed

Q:  We are going to be adding a classification to our license.  We will be using the same Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) we currently have.  Will he need to be fingerprinted again? 

A:  Most likely, no.  The CSLB does purge their fingerprint files, but typically only for individuals who have not been on an Active license for quite some time. If your RMO is currently Active on your license, he should be good to go!

Q:  You are helping our Florida corporation obtain a “B” (General Building) Contractor’s license in CA.  I have a couple of questions.  Does our RME (Responsible Managing Employee) have to come to Sacramento to take the exam or is it available elsewhere?  Is the exam open book?  When our RME and our President get fingerprinted, is it necessary to deliver hard copies of the fingerprints to the CSLB in Sacramento?

A:  The testing sites are in San Diego, San Bernardino, Norwalk, Oxnard, Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, and Fresno.  They will schedule him based on his Zip Code.  Usually out-of-state qualifiers get scheduled in Norwalk.  The exam is notopen book.  As long as your RME and President are coming to CA, and getting printed via Live Scan, there is no need to deliver any proof to the CSLB.  Live Scan fingerprints get sent electronically.

Q:Does the license holder (RME) have to be employed by the company using it?  Do you know what a typical pay rate is to use someone’s license?

A:  RME stands for “Responsible Managing Employee” so yes, that individual would be required to be employed by the company.  We don’t get involved in the pay structure for Qualifying individuals so I’m not familiar with the typical pay rate.

Q:  My company’s RME recently resigned and they want me to take the exams and replace him on the license.  Can you tell me if a new Worker’s Comp policy would be needed?

A:  The company currently has a Worker’s Compensation insurance policy. From what I understand, that policy covers all of the Company’s employees, so a new policy would not need to be put in place.