NV “C-3B”, AZ Qualifier, CA “C-15” and “C-22” Asbestos

Some things may sound the same in contractor’s licensing, but the reality depends on your ‘state’ of mind. Another contractor working over a border gets a choice in ‘one from column A, or one from column B’ in order to be legally licensed, and oh yeah, there’s one more thing for assisting this last contractor…

Q:  I have a customer who wants me to do some work over in Nevada so I am going to be applying to get my Contractor’s License.  I’ve been licensed in California with a General Building (“B”) license for a little over a year.   The work my customer is wanting me to do is finish carpentry work (cabinets and shelving), which I understand is a “C-3B” in Nevada.  Can you confirm that is best classification for me to apply for?  Or would you recommend I apply for the “B” so that I cover other trades as well if the opportunity arises?  

A:  Nevada’s law is similar to California’s with slight differences, in that a General Building contractor must be performing more than two unrelated building trades crafts, upon which they are the prime contractor and the construction or remodeling of a building is the primary purpose.  So for this particular job you are anticipating, the “C-3B” would be the most appropriate license.  You can always apply and obtain the full “B” license in the future if the opportunity for more work arises.  

Q:  You are helping our sister company with obtaining an Arizona Contractors License and we need to do the same thing.  Are we able to use the same Qualifying party for our license, or will we need to hire a new person?

A:  In order for an individual to Qualify more than one Active license at the same time in Arizona, one of the following must be true: A) The Qualifying party owns at least 25% of each entity they are qualifying, or B) There is common ownership of at least 25% between each entity.  Let me know if you would also like our assistance with the process.

Q:  Can a “C-15” (Flooring) contractor do concrete flooring and epoxy sealing on flooring also, or would they need a concrete license in addition?  

A:  It is appropriate for a “C-15” (Flooring) contractor to perform concrete flooring and related work such as staining, acid washing and epoxy coatings. It is also permitted for “C-8”(Concrete), “C-33”(Painting), or “D-06”(Concrete Related Services)  contractors to perform the sealing, staining, and epoxy coatings.

Q:  You just recently helped us with obtaining our “A” (General Engineering) and “C-22” (Asbestos) license, so first of all, thank you for your assistance.  Now that we have the license, we were able to finalize our DOSH registration.  Is there anything else we need to do at this point?  We are going to be signing contracts to assist with the fire damage in California.

A:  Yes!  The “C-22” license is granted on a “contingent” basis, so at this point it is your obligation to notify the CSLB that you have received your “Asbestos Contractor Certificate to Perform Asbestos-related Work”.  You can either ‘snail-mail’ to the CSLB orsend it to my office and I can hand-deliver and get a stamped copy right away.