Certified License History, Pressure Wash Licensing and Fingerprinting

A ‘digital’ question gets us rolling! I will ‘blast’ through another while under pressure to clean up some confusion about power washing before wrapping up ‘history’ for our last contractor…

Q:  I have a question regarding the fingerprinting process. If I am understanding correctly, because I am an out of state resident, I need to take the fingerprint card to a police or sheriff’s office here in Alabama, complete it and mail it in. It sounds like the LiveScan service is for CA residents only.  Is this correct?

A:  Live scan services are not for California residents only, however live scan fingerprints for the CSLB can only be done in California in order for them to be sent electronically.  If you do the fingerprints outside of California, it can add weeks, and sometimes months, to the process.

Q:  Our company does pressure washing (or power washing).  One of my clients recently requested to have our Contractor’s license number in order to complete their project.  We have been doing pressure washing for over eight years without a Contractor’s license.  We don’t use any chemicals or detergents or soaps or any abrasive materials that are typically used in water blasting.  Our equipment setup uses water at 3,500 PSI and 4.7 GPM.  It was my understanding that it was considered water “blasting” when it reached at least 10,000 PSI and 8 GPM, in which case a contractor’s license would be necessary.  Can you clarify?

A:  If the cost of the pressure washing/blasting project is over $500, including labor and materials, a Contractor’s License will be required.  The “C-61””D38” (Sand and Water Blasting) classification would be the license you would need to obtain.

Q:  I have had a Responsible Managing Employee (RME) on my license since its inception.  He left the company in March of last year (2018).  I applied to add myself as the Qualifier shortly after he resigned, and I requested a 90-day extension, which was granted.  I had several personal matters come up during the process, including a death in the family, and I kept having to re-schedule my exams.  I had until September to replace the RME, but the process was actually completed in early August.  If you look at my license online, it shows the former RME Disassociated on March 14th and then I became the Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) on August 8th.  One of my current clients has an attorney who is looking at my license and stating that it was suspended from June 14th thru August 7th due to not having a Qualifier.  I understand that would make sense- if- I wasn’t granted the 90-day extension.  How do I prove that my license has been in good standing all along?

A:  The only way to show proof of that would be to order a Certified License History from the CSLB which will give you the history of any suspensions, expirations, etc.  We can order the documents for you so please contact us if you’d like our assistance.