Registered Agent, LLC Conversion and Acceptable Experience

If you are a contractor, I can help you and sometimes the answer is ‘fast’, other times they are just ‘hard’. Something different for a ‘change’, and a contractor looking for a special ‘agent’ wraps it up…

Q:  I am interested in applying for a General Building (“B”) license, but I am unsure whether I will qualify or not.  I went to a technical school for HVAC training back in 1993 and since then I have been doing general maintenance construction work including some remodels.  All of this has been done on a referral basis.  I’ve done a lot of painting, floor installs, and even many paver installations.  I can document my work history with pictures/images, and I have many references who can vouch for my experience.  Do you have any advice as to whether I would be approved to sit for the exam?

A:  I am not in the position to give you a hard and fast “yes” or “no” answer, however I can tell you that based on what you’ve described, it will be difficult to get approved.  As you may be aware, the CSLB requires that you document at least four years of fulltime work experience in the trade you are applying for within the last ten years.  That being said, any training from more than ten years ago will not be considered.  

Also, the CSLB does not accept photos/images as a form of verifiable experience.  For the “B” classification, your fulltime work experience needs to include Framing and at least two unrelated trades.  It sounds like you have the two unrelated trades (Flooring and Painting), but you didn’t mention Framing.  You can feel free to give me a call anytime to further discuss your experience and the likelihood of success.

Q:  I am an attorney and I have a client who is looking to sell their business which is currently a Corporation.  The buyer intends to convert to a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and transfer the license number.  From the research I’ve done, both from your articles online at as well as the CSLB website, I understand the personnel of the current Corporation and the new LLC all need to be the same on both entities in order to accomplish this.  If the Managers/Members of the new LLC change shortly after the license number is transferred, is that acceptable?  In other words, does the requirement for having the same personnel need to be indefinite?  If the answer is no, how do we notify the CSLB and when?

A:  The personnel of the original Corporate license does not have to indefinitely match the personnel of the LLC.  Once the license number is transferred, you can update the personnel at any time.  Once updated with the Secretary of State, you have 90 days to notify the CSLB of the change.

Q:  You helped me obtain my Sole Proprietor license last year.  I’m going to incorporate and transfer my number.  I was wondering if your company provides Registered Agent services, or can I be my own Registered Agent?

A:  We do offer Registered Agent services so please contact me if you’d like to get that set up.  You can act as your own Registered Agent as long as you have a California address.