Installing Tubs, Info Statements and Disassociation Notices

Cut to the chase, cut red tape, it’s what I do every day for contractors. Problems solved here are a lesson to all, but thirty years of experience has shown me another new problem is always just a week away. Key word for our first question is ‘responsible’, another contractor knows his stuff, but an expert opinion is always a wise choice. I wrap it up with a question that ‘rocks’…

Q:  I was the qualifier for the Company that I previously worked for.  I had eight different classifications.  I left the company about six months ago, and just out of curiosity, I looked up their license and noticed I am still listed as the Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) so they have just been using my license this entire time.  I found a “Disassociation Notice” on the CSLB’s website, but my question is, do I need to fill out a form for each classification, or does one Disassociation Notice work for all of the classifications?

A:  One Disassociation Notice will remove you from the license completely for all classifications.  

Q:  You are helping me with the process of replacing the RMO on our license with a request to Waive the exams.  I reviewed our latest filing with the Secretary of State, and it shows me as President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director.  I’m the only one listed.  I remember you had said there is way to keep him on as an Officer, but does that mean I also need to file a new Statement of Information to list him as well?

A:  That is correct, you can keep him on the license as an Officer.  As long as you have a designated President, Secretary, and Treasurer with the Secretary of State that matches what you have on file with the CSLB, there is no need to list him on the Statement of Information.  For example, you can elect to have two Presidents or two Secretaries, etc. with the CSLB, however both are not required to be listed with the Secretary of State.  “Vice Presidents” are also not required to be listed with the Secretary of State, but they can be on the Contractor’s as Officers. Confused? Call me! 

Q:  One of our clients is requesting that we obtain a Contractor’s License in California.  We are a Hospitality contractor (out of Colorado) and we install the tub and shower surrounds in hotel bathrooms.  Our client suggested we look in to the “C-54” (Ceramic and Mosaic Tile) classification.  Is that what you would suggest also?  Is there an exam for the “C-54”?

A:  The “C-54” would work if the showers and bathtubs are tiled or stone, however you would not be able to install non-tile (such as cast iron, steel, plastic, fiberglass) shower walls or tubs.  And yes, there is a law and trade exam for the “C-54” license.  A “C-61”/”D-12” (Synthetic Products) contractor can install plastic and/or fiberglass tubs/shower enclosures, and the C61/D12 classification does not require a trade exam.