Get Your License Now, NV Reciprocity, Qualifying General and Covid Rules Links

There has never been a better time to become your own boss. Act now. Things are still humming at the Board, just at a lower ‘volume’. Another out of state contractor sees opportunity and gets my answer in a New York ‘minute’! 

Q: I’m sure you’ve been asked this a million times with the current COVID-19 times, but I’ve tried to call the CSLB several times and their message states they are not answering phone calls.  Do you know what the current situation with the CSLB is?  Are they continuing to issue licenses, or are they shut down?

A:  I know this is a continuing concern, but the CSLB is currently still working, many of the staff tele-working, but YES, licenses are still being issued.  It’s difficult to get a hold of them right now, but definitely not impossible.  Give me a call to discuss your situation and we can determine if it’s something we can assist with.

Q:  We are a Corporation based in New York.  We last spoke in 2015 when it was determined our company didn’t need a Contractor’s license in CA.  We now do need a General Building license. We have a General license in Nevada, will that help at all?

A:  Quite possibly quickly.  It depends on how long your Qualifier has been licensed in Nevada and whether the classification is Reciprocal.  Nevada has two “General Building” licenses, one which includes work on structures over three stories in height, and the other which doesn’t allow for that.  California’s Reciprocal Agreement allows for your Qualifier to Waive the Trade exam if he/she has been actively licensed in AZ, NV, or UT for five out of the last seven years.  

Q:  We have a current application in process to add the “A” (General Engineering) classification to our license.  The application is somewhat “on hold” due to the fact the owner will need to take the Trade exam, and testing centers being shut down.  I previously held an “A” license. Is it possible for me to jump in and be the Qualifier in order to add the “A”? 

A:  Yes, you can.  I researched your previous license history and you are still qualified and no longer associated with any of your previous licenses, so you are good to go!  You have cleared the testing and fingerprinting so that would absolutely be the quicker route.  Let me know if you’d like our assistance.

We are all adjusting our day-to-day routines, working from home, connecting virtually, etc., While we may not be able to visit family, our favorite restaurants, or operate businesses as we have in the past, it doesn’t change the fact that it pays to be a licensed contractor!  To paraphrase Warren Buffett, ‘crisis is also opportunity’ and our state of affairs qualifies.  As a Licensed Contractor, you are able to advertise as such, access greater bid opportunity and generate more business. I know from assisting contractors for decades how to help you get started now.

You are required to have at least four years of full-time work experience (within the last ten years) in the trade you are applying for, at journeyman level or above.  One of those years needs to be hands-on practical experience.  Verifiable apprenticeship programs or education can also be used for experience credit.

Who can work until stay-at-home rules are relaxed? You should refer to the state’s COVID-19 website:, which includes a “List of Critical Infrastructure Workers.” Be aware that the list can change as the situation dictates.”