Missing Fingerprints, Bonds, Insurance, Qualifying More Than One License and Expedites

Submitting fingerprints is out of the CSLB’s ‘hands’ as I share with our first contractor. A quick answer that offers ‘slow’ or go as options. While it can work in getting a restaurant table faster, paying more isn’t going to ‘speed’ your license paperwork up…yet! …

Q:  Is there a way to have fingerprints re-done if the CSLB is stating they don’t see them on file when our Officer got them done several weeks ago?

A:  Your Officer would need to have new forms to take with him, so he/she would need to make that request to the CSLB in writing.  Be aware that it’s not necessarily unusual for the CSLB to not have them on file within a couple weeks, but they don’t process fingerprints.  It is handled by DOJ. You may want to contact the Live Scan facility where the prints were done and verify when and if they were sent.

Q:  We have a pending application with the CSLB for a new license and received a letter asking for bonds and insurance.  What is the best way to get those submitted?  Do they need to be originals?

A:  Many Bonding/Surety companies have the capacity to submit bonds and insurance electronically, so that would be ideal.  Capitol Services is located in Sacramento, so we hand deliver documents and forms. ‘Snail-mail’ is also an option, but the bottom line is, no, originals are not required.  

Q:  We have a current and Active Corporate license which I am the Qualifier on.  One of our subsidiaries needs to get licensed as well and they are wanting to use my qualification for their license. I am an RME on the existing license.  Would this be possible?

A:  An RME can qualify up to two licenses under certain circumstances.  If one entity owns at least 20% of the other, an RME can qualify both licenses, assuming you can provide an organizational chart verifying the structure.  Let us know if you want our assistance with that process.

Q:  Does the CSLB offer expedited processing for replacing the Qualifier on a license if you pay more? 

A:  The CSLB will consider expedite requests, however it is rare to be approved.  They do not have a system (yet) in place for paying an additional fee for expedited processing.  For replacing your Qualifier, the CSLB will allow for a one time 90-day extension request if you have a current replacement application in process.  The CSLB needs time to review these requests so in order to be considered, you’ll want to make sure you submit the request several weeks before your deadline.

Q:  I am wondering if your office is affected by the COVID-19 times and the impact on the CSLB.  We have a potential job coming up that needs to start in May, and we definitely need to add the “A” General classification to our license.

A:  Luckily, we are still up and running and here for you!   The CSLB is more limited with the COVID-19, but they are still working.  Give me a call to discuss your work experience, and I’d be happy to help! 

Who can work until stay-at-home rules are relaxed? You should refer to the state’s COVID-19 website: https://covid19.ca.gov/stay-home-except-foressential-needs/, which includes a “List of Critical Infrastructure Workers.” Be aware that the list can change as the situation dictates.”