CSLB Complaint, Office Titles and Expired Renewal Rule

What’s old isn’t always re-‘new’-able but there is a solution! A patient father asks for an assist with a very determined, but so far unsuccessful, license applicant.  There is one place a competitive complaint from a licensed contractor will get some SWIFT action…

Q:  Your company helped me get my license 12-15 years ago.  I have had a few issues since then, which are non-license related, but my license has now expired. I’m having a difficult time trying to renew online and it seems the local offices are closed. I know it’s been over 5 years, but I was hoping there is some simple resolution to correct this issue.  Can you help with this?

A: Thank you for contacting us again.  I looked up your license and yes, it’s been expired for over five years so you cannot renew it.  You will have to re-apply and re-test, but since it’s a Sole Owner license you can request the number to be re-issued to you again.  Yes, we can help so please let me know if you want our assistance again.  

Q:  My Son applied for a Contractor’s license and his application has been rejected multiple times.  He has tried to provide the corrections they are requesting several times, but the CSLB just doesn’t seem to be satisfied with his work experience.  He has worked for Contractors for the last ten years, but not as an actual employee, just more an “as needed” basis.  It is my understanding he can hire an employee to fulfill the role as an RME, but if he does that, how long does he need to employ this individual before he can take over the license?

A:  In order to qualify the license, he will need to document at least four years of experience in the Trade he is applying for.  If he currently has zero experience which is verifiable, then he would need to wait four years from the time the license is issued (assuming he’s actively involved in the Trade duties for the four years).  If he has previous experience that can be verified, the amount of time he would need to wait can be adjusted accordingly.

Q:  We are applying for a new license for our Corporation.  Our RMO qualifies another license, so we are going to give him 20% ownership in our company.  For his Officer title, is “Director” an acceptable title?

A:  Yes, the CSLB accepts “Director” as an Officer title.

Q:  I am attorney who has used your services in the past and I have another matter for you, or at least seeking your advice.  It involves a Contractor that is misclassifying employees for prevailing wage purposes and underpaying them.  Because the Contractor is underpaying employees, it is able to bid lower on jobs than my client, which is a competitor.  The Contractor is also misclassifying employees for purposes of Workers Compensation insurance, so it is engaging in a series of wrongdoings that I believe warrant an investigation.  How do you suggest I proceed?

A:  My suggestion is to start with filing a complaint with the CSLB.  You can find information on the complaint process on the CSLB’s website, or feel free to call our office.  These types of improper activities are definitely high on the CSLB’s priority list!