“A” & “B” Info, Judgements and Fingerprint Rules In CA

I have covered the great job CSLB is doing with the restrictions inherent with Covid-19 guidelines. There are however some issues and the first contractor has discovered one of these problems. While your fingerprints are yours alone a ‘copy’ isn’t enough for a contractor’s license, followed by an out-of-state question with a somewhat ‘specialized’ answer…

Q:  I was the Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) for a company several years ago and the Company went out of business.  My buddy started a contracting business and he wanted me to be the RMO on his new company license. We submitted all the necessary paperwork for a Waiver application.  The CSLB sent us a deficiency letter stating that I needed to satisfy some outstanding Civil Judgements relating to the former business where I was an RMO.  I don’t understand why that has anything to do with this current situation. The former company has not been in business for several years now.  I’ve tried to reach the CSLB but have only been able to leave messages.  Do you have any suggestions for me?

A:  While the CSLB is still open and conducting business, due to the COVID-19 situation many of the staff have been working from home, so it can be difficult to get someone on the phone.  Even though your previous employer is no longer in business, the fact that you are still “associated” with the company as their RMO, their judgments/citations/etc. will follow you around to any other Contractor’s licenses you are associated with or attempting to associate with.  I would suggest that you Disassociate from your former company in order to move forward with your current venture. Get back to me if you need help with that. 

Q:  I spoke with you last month about obtaining a new Contractor’s License and you were helpful enough to answer all my questions and inform me about the licensing process.  You had mentioned the need for all individuals listed on the license application to get fingerprinted and how the timing process to obtain a license is greatly reduced if all individuals get fingerprinted in California via Live Scan.  One question I forgot to ask is that I was fingerprinted for my Real Estate license in CA a couple of years ago.  Is that sufficient if I just inform the CSLB to cross reference the fingerprint submittal?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  All individuals listed on the license application are required to get fingerprinted specifically for the CSLB with the forms the CSLB sends to you after you submit the license application.

Q:  Our company currently holds Contractor’s Licenses in many States and we are looking to get licensed in California.  I’ve looked up several of our competitors’ licenses, and some have an “A” license, some have a “B” license, and some hold “C” class licenses (which seems to reflect specialty work).  If we were to obtain the “A” license, does that cover us for all of the other classifications of licenses?

A:  While many people think that, no, this is not the case.  The “A” license is for General Engineering work, which involves heavy civil construction and primarily fixed works, and any other work involving specialized engineering skills (roadwork, bridges, tunnels, underground work, etc.).  The “B” is a General Building license that includes everything it takes to build a structure from the ground up, with the requirement of performing at least two unrelated trades on each job (framing, painting, electrical, plumbing, flooring, etc.).  You are correct regarding the “C” classifications.  They are specialty classifications and they are designated for Contractors whose principal business involves performing specialized building trades.