Licensing Changes for Covid and RME/RMO Rules in CA

Let me introduce you to the new ‘Norm’ in NV and AZ. Meanwhile, in CA a reminder on changes to ‘qualifying’ for the old ‘Norm’. As we all learn to adjust in these challenging times it’s good to have an expert assist!…

Q:  We are starting a new company which will be hiring an individual to Qualify for our Contractors license.  We are still in discussion as to what role this person will take on.  We understand as a Corporation, he can either be an RMO (Responsible Managing Officer) or an RME (Responsible Managing Employee).  He (and our company as well) are concerned about his “exposure” to the public.  We don’t want to have him listed on our corporation with the Secretary of State, but we also aren’t sure if he is going to be working at least 32 hours a week, as required of an RME.  Is there a way to have him listed as an RMO with the licensing Board without listing him at the Secretary of State level?

A:  There used to be a way to do that.  In all the years I’ve been in business, the CSLB was only concerned with the President, Secretary, and Treasurer positions.  Therefore, a Company could have an RMO with the title of “Vice President”, etc. and there was no requirement for the individual to be listed with the Secretary of State on the Statement of Information.  I just received word this week that the CSLB now requires all officers to be listed at the Secretary of State level to match the license application, regardless of Officer title.

Attention Nevada and Arizona Contractors:

As many of you are aware, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many government operations were reduced or suspended making timely license renewals impractical or impossible.  In response, Nevada State Governor, Steve Sisolak, extended all licenses and permits issued by the Nevada Board that were set to expire between March 12th, 2020 and June 30, 2020.  The order deemed all Contractor’s license falling within this category valid until September 28, 2020. Check your NV license and be sure it’s up to date!

Similarly, in mid-March, PSI, the private testing company which provides testing services for Arizona (along with several other States), shut down nationwide due to the COVID-19 concerns.  As a result, Contractors license applicants were unable to take the required exams needed to qualify for a license in Arizona.  In response, Arizona Governor Ducey signed Executive Order 2020-17-Continuity of Work.  Under this order, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) was permitted to issue licenses on a “provisional” basis without requiring the test results.  However, recipients of these licenses were required to pass the exam(s) as soon as practically possible, and in most cases provide the ROC with their official test date.

As of Friday, August 21, 2020, the ROC stopped accepting applications for provisional licenses due to testing centers re-opening.  On our way back to the “new” norm, all Arizona Contractors license applicants need to take and pass the required exams prior to submitting a new license application. 

(Note info correct at date of publication. Contact Capitol Services, Inc. for updates)