Prevailing Wage, “A” Requirements and HAZ Waivers

Sometimes there’s only one way around a ‘hazard’ in contracting. Another contractor gets an answer but still needs to, old-school expression, ‘drop the dime’ and talk with me. I discover I can’t answer the last actual question but can point the way. That’s another reason an expert is a ‘good call’ because they may not have that specific answer, but they know who does!.

Q:  I currently have a “B” (General Building) and a “C-8” (Concrete) license in California and I would like to add the HAZ certification to my license. Is it possible to obtain it without taking the exam? 

A:  No, it is not possible to get a waiver of the Hazardous Substance Removal Certification exam, unless you have held that certification on a license at some point within the previous five years.

Q:  I currently have “C-12” (Earthwork and Paving) and “C-8” (Concrete) license.  The Earthwork license was issued four years ago and then I added the Concrete afterwards. I would like to add the “A” (General Engineering) to my license.  I have done “A” projects for my previous Company, but I haven’t done a lot of them for the past four years.  Do you believe I will still qualify to sit for the Engineering exam?  If so, I would appreciate your help with the process.

A:  The requirement is four years of full-time work experience within the last ten.  So even though you haven’t done the work in the previous four years, you may be able to still qualify based on the work you did for your former employer(s).  It would be best if you give me a call and we can discuss the last ten years of your experience in more detail, which will allow me to give you a more informed opinion.  And we’d be happy to help you, I look forward to hearing from you!

Q:  I have an “A” and a “B” (General Building) license in CA.  We do both private and public work.  I have a question regarding off-site fabrication in relation to prevailing wage.  We have a shop where we do fabrication and some repair work for our jobs.  In the case where we do a public project and need to fabricate a door or a cabinet in our shop before installing it, is this subject to prevailing wage rate?

A:  Technically, the CSLB doesn’t have jurisdiction over prevailing wage determinations.  From the CSLB’s perspective, fabrication of products such as doors and cabinets does not even require a Contractor’s License.  It’s the installation of the product which requires a License.  That being said, the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) regulates public works projects and prevailing wages, so I suggest contacting that agency to answer this question.