Revoked License, Address Updates, Coatings Classes and Multiple Applications

Something old and something new! In the many years I have assisted contractors here I still get questions we have not answered in this space. Check out our other resource at to see past Q/A. I ‘man’ up on a question that requires many ‘coats’ to cover, while it’s ‘good news/bad news’ on a contractor’s revoked license…

Q:  I have a question which is unrelated to the other matters you’ve been assisting on already. I need to update several of our JV licenses. Some of the JV licenses still have our old address listed. I found the form on the CSLB’s website to update our address. Do you know who is required to sign on the address change form? Is it an Officer of either company or an Officer from each company? The form does not specify for JV’s.

A:  An Officer listed on either company’s license can sign the form to update the address.

Q:  We currently have an “A” (General Engineering) license.  We were recently doing a project which included coating the interior of a manhole.  We sub-contracted that portion to a specialty contractor who has the “C-42” license (Sanitation Systems), which we have done on many occasions in the past.  We had another sub-Contractor on the project who told us the “C-42” Contractor should not be coating the manhole, and that a “C-33” (Painting) license was required to do that work. Is that correct?

A:  Since it is acceptable for a “C-42” contractor to install and repair storm drains, and sewage disposal and drain structures, it would also be appropriate for same contractor to coat the inside of a manhole. This work is also acceptable for an “A”

(General Engineering) contractor as well. If they are using epoxy, a “D-12” (Synthetic Products) can do it and if the surface is concrete a “C-8”(Concrete) and/or “D-06”(Concrete Related Services) contractor is also appropriate. Since it is a coating, the “C-33” (Painting and Decorating) is acceptable too.  So many options!

Q: I remember reading in a previous article you wrote that an individual can only have one application in process with the CSLB at a time.  We have a pending application to replace our Qualifying Individual, but we also need to add a classification to our license (with a different Qualifier than the pending replacement application), and also add our newly appointed Officer to the license.  Can we have all three of those applications in process at the same time, or do we need to stagger them?

A:  An individual can only have one application in process at a time, but as long as each of the three applications you are referring to are three separate people, you can have all three in process at the same time.

Q:  I had a Contractor’s license years ago which was revoked due to an issue I had with my Professional Engineer license.  The case was dropped and I just moved on to consulting so I didn’t pursue re-activating either license.  Now I’d like to get my Contractor’s License back to Active because I believe it will be beneficial to my Consulting business to be able to advertise that I am licensed.  Can you please let me know what I need to do to get my license back?

A:  You will not be able to renew/reactivate your license since it was revoked.  It has been well over five years since the license was Active so you will need to re-take the exams.  Since your license was a Sole Owner license, you can request the number back, but essentially you will be going through the process as if it’s a brand-new license.