Covid 19 Conditions and Residential Remodeling Update

Shut down, update! Until then I remain open and ready to assist. Let’s start with a couple cautionary tales from contractors…

All CSLB testing centers and public counters are still currently closed due to COVID-19.  They will remain closed through January 15th and possibly longer.  I will continue to update readers as the situation continues to be reassessed. Please note the CSLB is still continuing to process applications.

Q:  Our former Qualifier left the Company back in July 2020.  About a month later, I applied to replace him on the license.  The CSLB wasn’t initially satisfied with my work experience, but after several weeks of back-and-forth communications and gathering the documentation they requested, my application was accepted.  

However, by the time I was approved to take the exam, my 90-day deadline for replacing the qualifier was almost up.  The technician reviewing my application suggested that I request a 90-day extension, which I did and was granted an extension until January 11, 2021.  My exam was originally scheduled in December, but then the CSLB had to close the testing facilities.  They had contacted me and re-scheduled my exam for January 10th, but now I’m seeing that isn’t going to happen either.  Are they granting any further extensions due to this situation that is out of Contractors’ control?  We really cannot afford for our license to go suspended due to lack of Qualifier.

A: Yes, the CSLB is making certain exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  I would suggest putting your request for an additional extension in writing and again sending it to your technician.  They are sensitive to the fact that our current situation is beyond our control.  Their staff is contacting applicants with exams scheduled during this closure to discuss re-scheduling options.

Q:  I had applied for a “B” (General Building) contractor’s license last year.  The CSLB eventually rejected my application because I could not show proof of “framing” or structural work.  I fully admitted that my experience is all remodeling and home improvement work, however I do have over ten years of experience.  The deputy reviewing my application suggested that I either apply for each separate specialty license that I will be performing (painting, cabinetry, plumbing, etc) and take each exam, or he informed me of the new classification the CSLB would be adopting as of January 2021, which he said was a “B-2” Residential Remodeling classification.  I opted for waiting.  Being that we are now past the 1st of the year, I called the CSLB to inquire about re-applying and the person I spoke with had no idea about the new classification and said the staff had not been informed of any such thing.  Do you know anything about this?

A:  The CSLB is adopting the Residential Remodeling classification, and while it goes into effect January 1, 2021, the CSLB will not be accepting applications for the new classification, nor have an exam available until later in the year.  I’ve heard through the grapevine it could be as soon as May, but it’s quite possible it won’t be an option until even later in the year. 

Finally, don’t forget the Covid rules have closed public counters and exam centers so some delays can be expected, so definitely not ‘business as usual’. 

(Please note this information was correct at time of publication, please contact Capitol Services, Inc. for any updates to pandemic conditions and Covid 19 effects.)