Most Wanted, RME Qualification, Out of State Fingerprinting and Solar Licensing

It will soon ‘dawn’ on a license Qualifier that his day is about to end! Another contractor needs clarification on RME/RMO, and while I can’t quite put my ‘finger’ on it, our final answer is for a similar question that has come up before…

Q:  If we set up a corporation, and I become an RME (employee, not RMO), do I still have the ability to RMO up to two additional businesses?

A:  An RME can only qualify one Active license at a time, unless there is some common ownership between the two licensees, meaning one company would need to own at least 20% of the other.  If that were the case, an RME is restricted to being on only two Active licenses at a time.

Q:  I have a fingerprinting question. If I am understanding correctly, because I am an out of state resident, I need to take the fingerprint card to a police or sheriff’s office here in Atlanta, complete it and mail it in. It sounds like the Live Scan service is for CA residents only.  Is this correct?

A:  Live scan services are not for California residents only, however Live Scan fingerprints for the Contractor’s Board can only be done in California in order for them to be sent electronically.  If you do the fingerprints outside of California, it can delay the process considerably. 

Q:  My company has a “B” license which we use to do Solar contracting.  My employee holds the license, but I want to replace him on the license.  I can’t qualify for a “B” license because I don’t really have General Building experience, only Solar.  How would I go about replacing him but with the “C-46” (Solar) license?

A:  You would be required to add the “C-46” to the license so your company would initially have both classifications.  Once the “C-46” is added, if you want to remove your Qualifier, you need to file a Disassociation notice.  At that point, the CSLB will give you 90 days to replace the “B” Qualifier, and if no action is taken, the “B” classification will be removed from the license. Done deal. 

Did you know there is a ‘Most Wanted” list of characters the CSLB would like you to help find? Check out the link and keep your eyes open! Contact CSLB if you see them at bids or jobsites.