General Building, Pool Contractor and Industry Event

Sometimes ‘jumping into the pool’ isn’t a straight shot! Another contractor is tired of being a ‘zombie’ working with an ‘expired’ license, and I will be helping aspiring contractors answer questions about getting a license as a panelist in an upcoming webinar…

Q:  I previously had a “C-33” (Painting) Contractor’s license which expired in 2009.  I let it go because for the past 20 years I have been doing outdoor living spaces.  I install the outdoor kitchen area, the BBQ/Smoker area, the deck/flooring, and then I pay tilers/masons to do the countertops and any stonework involved, etc.  With summer coming up, I’ve decided I need to get my General Contractor’s (“B”) license to do all the work myself and more importantly, to not get “dinged” for working without a license since almost every job I do and have done is over $500.00.  What are the requirements for a General License, and since I was previously licensed, will I be able to waive the exams?

A:  In order to qualify for a General Building license, you would be required to show at least four years of fulltime experience doing Building work, specifically framing, and at least two unrelated trades.  You would not be able to Waive the exams based on your previous license or experience gained from what you described.  

Also, the work you described falls more under a “C-27” (Landscaping) license rather than a General license.  The “C-2”’ also requires a Trade exam, and because your previous license has been expired for over five years, you will also need to take the Law exam again.

Q:  I am looking into purchasing a Pool business. What are my options for obtaining a “C-53” (Pool Contractor) license if I don’t have any experience?  I am looking to run the business, keeping all the existing employees on board to run the work.

A:  You would need to either hire someone who is currently a “C-53” license holder to Qualify your license, or you would need to utilize one of the existing employees who can show they have been doing the work for over four years and take the exams, or hire someone new who isn’t a current license holder, but who could document the years of experience and take the exams.

Please share the upcoming webinar sponsored by CSLB, the City of Sacramento and major industry players on April 14th beginning at 5 pm. The webinar is focused on how women and minorities can become licensed contractors. It’s a free virtual event and I will be one of the panelists answering questions! This is the link for more info, so please share it with those likely to benefit looking for new opportunity, especially those impacted by job loss due to the pandemic.  (*Note, it was a great event thanks to all who joined and participated.)