Test Schedules, Consumer Contract Requests and Disassociation Timing

Q:  When applying for a California license, does the CSLB set an applicant a test date, or do I have the ability to schedule it myself?  I want to obtain my own Contractor’s license, but my wife is pregnant, due in about two months, and I don’t want to have the application rejected if I’m not able to make the exam date if that is how it works.

A:  Congratulations to you both. The CSLB does schedule your exam date for you, however they will work with you on the date if it doesn’t line up with your schedule.  They always give you the next available date nearest to your location (by zip code).

Q:  I am a General “B” Contractor and I currently have a project in process which has been nothing but a headache.  The Homeowners are requesting that I hire a “C-10” sub-contractor to do the Electrical work, which I always do myself.  Are they permitted to request a “C-10” Contractor to do work that I signed as a General?  And if the Electrical Contractor I use cannot start on my project for several weeks, what happens to the “completion date” reflected on the original contract?

A:  While there are rules and laws which regulate Contractors, there are no laws which regulate Homeowners, as much as you Contractors may dream of that!   Project Owners are “allowed” to require/request anything they want as long as it aligns with the contract you signed.  If they want a “C-10” contractor to do the Electrical work, they are perfectly in their realm to request that.  As far as the date of completion, we (Capitol Services) don’t get too involved in contracts, but I do know if the Homeowner is requesting additional work or repairs to work already done, a change order can be done, and the completion date can likely be updated, or negotiated to accommodate the change. 

Q:  If we Disassociate our Qualifier, I understand we have 90 days to replace him.  Do we have to stop work for that 90-day period?

A:  No, the license will remain Active for the 90 days and you continue business as usual.  When the 90 days expires and you haven’t replaced your Qualifier, your license will go Suspended.  Contact us if you need assistance!