SOS Personnel List, Endorsement and Window Installations

With a focus on CA, AZ and NV, I still help contractors coast-to-coast with questions about licensing. As our questions will share it can get complicated! 

Q:  I have a question regarding one of our Employee’s Inactive individual license in CA which you helped him obtain as a “back-up” for our Company license in case our Qualifier were to leave unexpectedly.  I understand that he currently cannot act as a Qualifier for our Company, because only one person at a time can be that Qualifier.

We are applying to become licensed in Florida by “endorsement” (or Reciprocity as CA refers to it as), using this employee as the Qualifying party, however in order to qualify for the Trade exam waiver, Florida requires a current “active” license.

If he was activated as an individual, I understand that he’d have to post a Bond, among other things.  Would it be problematic for our Company if, for example, they either obtained the Bond on his behalf, or reimbursed him for the costs of obtaining the Bond?  And what about the re-activation fee, does the CSLB care if the check comes from a third party rather than the license holder?

A:  To answer your first question, your Company would not be able to obtain the Bond on his behalf as it must be issued in his name/his business name as a Sole Proprietor, however you most certainly can reimburse him for the cost.  Second, the CSLB does not concern themselves with who checks come from with regards to their fees.  You may just want to reference his license number in the memo, but that’s up to you.

Q:  We are an out of State contractor and we do window installations.  I am confused as to California’s classifications.  I called the CSLB and was told that we would need a “C-17” Glazing license.  After looking at the definition of a Glazing contractor, we do not cut or assemble glass or install storefront glass.  We simply do window replacements (pre-fabricated), mostly on apartments. When going through the list of classifications, we were thinking the “C-61”/”D24” (Metal Products) would be more appropriate.  Do you have any insight on this? 

A: It’s complicated! I double checked with the CSLB on this one and confirmed the most appropriate classification for replacing windows is the “C-17” (Glass and Glazing) license.  Even if you do not install storefront glass, or other glass work, the “C-17” is still the most appropriate.  It is acceptable for a “C-6” Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry contractor to fabricate and install sashes and pre-glazed windows, but the “D24” is only for storm doors and windows and not for general window installations or replacements.

Q:  We currently have an “A” (General Engineering) and a “C-10” (Electrical) license in California.  We plan on adding the “B” (General Building) classification with one of our local executives.  Do we need to add him as an Officer to the CSLB’s records first?

A:  No.  The application for adding a classification asks for his title so it will take care of adding the “B” as well as adding him as an Officer at the same time.  You will just want to be sure the personnel and titles listed on the Contractor’s License match exactly what you have on file for personnel with the CA Secretary of State.  The CSLB will check!