Multi-State General, Changing LLC State, Business Name Change and Electrical Conduits

Who’s on first? As an expert I can tell you it depends on which states your working in. Another contractor’s business is also ‘moving’ on. An ‘explosive’ inquiry, and for another contractor ‘time’ is of the essence. No matter where or when I can help…

Q:  We need to apply for a General Contractor’s License in CA and AZ.  Is it better to apply for one before the other, or at the same time, or what would you recommend?

A:  I would recommend obtaining the CA license first and then apply for the AZ license second.  Arizona allows the Qualifying Individual to Waive the trade portion of the exam if he/she has passed the equivalent exam in a “reciprocal” State and that individual has been actively licensed for just one day.  You can certainly get the paperwork going for both at the same time, and just have the AZ documents on the back burner ready for submittal as soon as the CA license is issued.  Let me know if you would like our assistance!

Q:  Our LLC is currently a CA Limited Liability Company.  We are considering changing domicile from CA to another State – rather than a CA LLC, it’ll be a Delaware LLC or some other State.  Obviously, it will still be registered to do business with the California’s Secretary of State’s office.  Does changing domicile of our entity require any paperwork to be filed with the CSLB?

A: No. New paperwork would only be required if the change/conversion results in a new LLC Registration number with the Secretary of State, which it shouldn’t.

Q:  We will be changing our business name in our Home State, and therefore need to file an Amended Registration with the CA Secretary of State and also change the business name on our license.  I know the Secretary of State filing must occur first, so I’m wondering how long a name-change application takes to be processed by the CSLB?  We have a target date of 1-1-22 for the official new business name in each State we operate in.

A:  The CSLB takes about three weeks to process name changes.

Q:  Our company does highly specialized work and we are being asked to come into California and do the work for a large telecommunications company.  I need to know what type of license we need as we are not familiar with the Contractor Licensing requirements in California.  We drill large “holes” in the sides of mountains to run cables and such.  Sometimes we use explosives.  Would that be an “A” General Engineering Contractor’s License?

A:  The most appropriate license classification for the installation of electrical conduit would either by a “C-7” Low Voltage or a “C-10” Electrical license depending on the type of cabling or wire you are installing in the conduit.  The method you use, such as explosives, would be considered incidental to the overall project.  Let me know if you would like our assistance with the process.