Consulting and AZ Licensing For CA Licensed Contractors

You might become a ‘consultant’ but like swimming it’s likely you need a license when getting in the deep water. Another contractor helps illustrate how taking a license test can make a big ‘reciprocal’ difference in extending your reach into other states, or not! 

Q: I originally obtained my license many years ago and as my business grew, I formed a Corporation and continued growing it over the years and eventually sold the shares and was able to “retire”. I’m considering acting as a Construction consultant now, but I know my qualification is long expired and I’m not willing to go through testing and what not. I would like to be able to supervise construction for Home Owners (mostly people I know) and advise them on hiring subs, etc. Am I correct that I don’t need a Contractor’s License for that, right?

A: Not necessarily. That is somewhat of a gray area, but consultants who supervise all of the construction and hiring subcontractors are technically acting in the capacity of a Contractor and do require a license issued by the CSLB.

Q: I am licensed in California with a “B” General Building, “C-39” Roofing, “C-10” Electrical, and “C-20” HVAC license. I want to get the same licenses in Arizona and take advantage of the Reciprocal agreement. I already requested the documentation from the CSLB for the “License by Endorsement” proof. If I understand correctly, I am going to have to show that I took the equivalent exams in CA. I remember that I definitely took the General Building, Roofing, and HVAC exams, but I had an electrician work for me for five years with his license/qualification, and after the five years I was able to replace him as the “C-10” qualifier by a Waiver of the Trade exam. If the reciprocity will not work for the Electrical license, will my “B” General license cover me to do everything?

A: You are correct in that you need to show that you’ve taken and passed the equivalent exam in one of the reciprocal States, so being that you secured a Waiver of the “C-10”, you will not qualify for Reciprocity for the Electrical license. The “B” license in Arizona allows you to contract for work which involves trades related to building a structure from the ground up. HOWEVER, you cannot self -perform electrical work without the specialty license. With a General Building license, all work related to electrical, plumbing, air conditioning systems, boilers, swimming pools, spas and water wells must be subcontracted to an appropriately licensed Contractor if you do not have that particular specialty license.