Experience Credit, RME-RMO Hiring and NV Bid Limits

Before you are ‘lost’ I will share how to find a contractor with ‘zip’ and clarify NV financial limitations for another. We all benefit from understanding how to keep the ‘horse’ in front of the license ‘cart’ which is important if you want to move forward…

Q: You recently helped us with replacing the Qualifier on our license when we were under the gun on our 90-day time limit. While not a problem yet, it may be again in the future, and we want to make sure we are not breaking any laws. How do we find people that are willing to allow us to use their license within a certain area? For example, we wouldn’t want to use an individual in Northern California and incur the cost of having him/her travel to Southern CA frequently. While, on the subject of future hiring, I was told a license holder must work a minimum of 32 hours per week, is that true?

A: The CSLB has a “tool” on their website which allows for you to search licensed contractors by zip code/area, although that would require “cold calling” of some sort I would imagine. From what I hear, finding an RME/RMO is the same as any other recruitment search, so however you typically do your hiring. 

An RME (Responsible Managing Employee) is required to work at least 32 hours per week or 80% of the Company’s operating time, yes.

Q: We are licensed in Nevada with a bid limit of $4.5 million. If our contract is $12 million, we have to have our limit that high, correct? Even if we plan to sub out $7.5 million?

A: Yes, your limit would be required to be $12 million in order to sign a $12 million contract.

Q: We have a potential employee who says that he’s passed the “A” General Engineering exam in CA and therefore is a Qualified “A” Contractor. Passing the test is not enough to be qualified, correct? Isn’t there an experience qualification that an individual must meet/pass in order to be a Qualified Contractor in the State of California? The whole reason we are seeking a Qualifier for our company is because I, myself, did not meet the experience requirement. I’m positive I could pass the test though! Obviously, we need to hire someone who meets all of the requirements.

A:  You are correct in that passing the exam is not enough to be a Qualified Contractor in the State of California. However, most of the time if an individual has passed both the law and trade exams in CA, they have “passed” the experience requirement. A small percentage of applicants have their experience rejected after they have already passed the exam, but the overwhelming majority of applicants who have passed the trade exam have proven the required experience as well. The CSLB very rarely approves someone to take the exam prior to approving their work experience.