Family Transfer Time Limit, License Sharing and JV Qualifiers

I will dance the expert ‘two step’ in helping our first inquiry to a solution!  Two other license questions will both discover that ‘hearsay’ won’t lead to a happy resolution to either one…

Q: We currently have a Joint Venture license with another Building contractor. A job has come up which we want to bid on, however it requires both the “A” (General Engineering) and “B” (General Building) licenses. Assuming we need to add the “A” classification to the JV, correct? How long will that take and is there any possibility our Qualifier could waive the exam based on his experience?

A:  Because neither of the Joint Venture entities currently hold the “A” classification, the individual with the requisite experience will need to add it to the Company license first before applying it to the Joint Venture license. Your Qualifier will not be able to waive the General Engineering exam based on experience alone so he will be required to take the exam. This will be a two-step process, first adding the classification to the Company license, and then once added, it can be applied to the JV license so you are looking at about two and a half months before the JV will be able to start work on that project.

Q: My uncle has a Sole Owner license, and he wants to help me eventually get my own license. He is moving out of California and wants me to take over his business, but he will still be “around” for consulting and such. He suggested that we add me to his license so that I can use it until I’m fully qualified and ready to get my own license. Is that the correct procedure?

A: Sole Proprietors cannot add people to their license, nor can you “use” his license. What the two of you may want to consider doing is forming an LLC or a Corporation, or even a Partnership where you both can be listed on the license with him acting as the qualifying individual. You can work under the Company license and eventually take it over when you are ready. If you go this route and want to operate as such for at least five years, you can then apply to become the qualifier and ask to waive the exams.

Q: My Dad passed away about two years ago. My Mom received his renewal application in the snail-mail and we realized his license is still Active which brought us to wonder whether I can take over the license. It is an older low number. I worked for him for many years prior to his passing and I’ve been working in the construction industry my whole life.

A: Unfortunately, it sounds like you waited too long. To request the Sole Owner license number be transferred, you would have had to ask for it within 90 days of your Dad’s passing away. I’m sorry for your loss, call if I can assist you in getting your own license.