Qualifier Replacement, RME/RMO, License Reactivation and NV Residential

Looks like the state next to us has been looking at our answers! I validate an assumption, which as an expert I am not able to do very often, and ‘revive’ hope that a license can be regained…

Q: We have several businesses in CA with licenses. We seem to continually be dealing with Qualifiers disassociating which in turn leaves the company scrambling to replace them within the 90-day time limit. I would like to explore the option of spreading our more “permanent” Qualifiers across multiple locations. Am I correct that a Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) can have their license used at up to three locations? And a Responsible Managing Employee (RME) is limited to just two? Lastly, I’m assuming the RMO/RME is required to be employed by the company as opposed to an Independent Contractor?

Q: An RMO can have their license used for up to three licenses within a one-year period as long as one of the following exists:

  1. They own at least 20% of each company,
  2. One company owns at least 20% of the other, OR
  3. The majority of the personnel are the same on each license (this is the condition you guys use).

RME’s can only be on two if (b) or (c) listed above is true, you are correct. You are also correct regarding the employment of the RME/RMO; he/she should be employed by the Company as opposed to a 1099 contractor.

Q: I had a contractor’s license years ago, but I let it go when I went to work for a Company who was already licensed. I want to reactivate my license. What does that require? I’ve tried calling the CSLB, but I’ve gotten a couple of different answers, so my buddy referred me to you.

A: Good call, pleases pass along my appreciation to your friend. I looked up your license and it has been expired for over five years so you will be required to take the exams again to get the license back. You will also need to be fingerprinted and obtain a bond. Since it’s a Sole Owner license, you can request that the number be re-issued to you. We of course would be happy to assist you with the process. 

The Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB) has introduced a new “B-7” Residential Remodeling Classification. Upon approval, a contractor licensed in the new Residential Remodeling subclassification is authorized to engage in the remodeling and improvement of an existing single-family residence or unit. Last year, the Legislative Commission finalized the regulations establishing the new classification and the Board began accepting applications this week.

Before a regulation was passed recently establishing the new classification, a contractor had to obtain a full “classification “B” license or a “subclassification “B-2” license to perform residential remodeling work. Additionally, a classification existed for “commercial remodeling”, “subclassification “B-6”, but not for residential remodeling. The Board saw a demand both by the construction industry and members of the public to establish a classification that recognizes residential remodeling projects may not require all of the specific skills and expertise demanded of classification B and/or subclassification B-2 licensees