Window Coverings, Low Voltage and Closing A Corporate License

I will ‘test’ the shock value of adding low voltage curtains! Another contractor helps us learn it’s easier to get into business than it may be to get out and answer to questions about changes, delays and restrictions under Covid-19 rules…

Q:  Our company currently has a “C-7” (Low Voltage) Contractor’s License in California.  I am a Window Covering specialist and have been for over 25 years.  The company hired me to be their Responsible Managing Employee (RME) for the “C-61”/”D52” (Window Coverings) classification to be added to the license.  Can you tell me how this works?  Do I need to obtain my own license first and then add it to the Company license?  I’m aware there is no trade exam for this classification, so if I can automatically add it to the license without obtaining my own license first, will I be able to waive the law portion of the exam based on the fact the Company already passed that portion?

A:  You do not need to obtain your own license prior to adding the classification to the Company license.  All Qualifying Individuals who have not been a Qualifier on a license within the previous five years need to take and pass the law exam. The fact the Company has a Qualifier who has passed the law exam does not exclude additional Qualifiers from the need to take the law exam.

Q:  We are an Oregon company and we got a CA Contractor’s License several years ago to do a couple of projects.  We no longer do business so we need to shut down the company.  I found out we are Suspended with the Secretary of State and was informed that we needed to file and pay our back taxes, even though we haven’t done business there for several years.  The Franchise Tax Board sent me the filing requirements and they included a Certificate of Revivor form.  Why would we need to submit a Revivor form if our intent is to close down the corporation?

A:  To close a corporation in CA, foreign corporations are required to file a Certificate of Surrender with the Secretary of State.  One of the requirements to surrender is to file and pay all taxes owed.  Also, for the Secretary of State to process the surrender, your corporation must be active and in good standing.  You will need to file the Certificate of Revivor with the Franchise Tax Board for the Secretary of State to lift your “suspended” status and put you back to Active/Good Standing. 

To Reschedule a Cancelled Exam:

Be sure to include your name and application number. Please note that CSLB is waiving the rescheduling fee for cancelled exams.

For Enforcement Questions/Issues:

Be sure to include your phone number and other relevant information, such as a complaint number, license number, citation or case number. 

Who can work? You should refer to the state’s COVID-19 website:, which includes a “List of Critical Infrastructure Workers.” Be aware that the list can change as the situation dictates.”

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