Contractor Licensing FAQs

The Capitol Connection is our weekly Q & A column for contractors that focuses on topics pertaining to contractor's licensing.

Consulting and AZ Licensing For CA Licensed Contractors

You might become a ‘consultant’ but like swimming it’s likely you need a license when getting in the deep water. Another contractor helps illustrate how taking a license test can make a big ‘reciprocal’ difference in extending your reach into other states, or not!  Q: I originally obtained my license many years ago and as my…

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Experience Credit, RME-RMO Hiring and NV Bid Limits

Before you are ‘lost’ I will share how to find a contractor with ‘zip’ and clarify NV financial limitations for another. We all benefit from understanding how to keep the ‘horse’ in front of the license ‘cart’ which is important if you want to move forward… Q: You recently helped us with replacing the Qualifier on…

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Worker Comp Exemption, Merging LLCs, Utah Reciprocity and Family License Waivers

What’s ‘old’ may be new again, but will you keep the license? I will ‘LLC’ what can be done. Another out of state contractor discovers that what was then isn’t now. Have an issue, questions or concerns about contractor licensing or rules for the construction industry? With decades of licensing assistance experience I can provide some…

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BESS, Veteran Service Credit and CA Veterans Application Assistance Program

As we recently honored military service on Veteran’s Day I wanted to revisit the opportunity available for our service men and women in construction and as licensed contractors. As many return from Afghanistan to enter the civilian job market the construction industry may offer positions and opportunity based on their service. And a second reminder that…

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RME/ Sole Owner Reactivation, LLC Licenses and Multi-State Licensing

Keeping your paperwork up to date is important for contractors, and especially in the ‘right’ order! A couple of inquiries concerned with Limited Liability Companies get multiple answers, and for another it’s all about ‘lead time’… Q: We are currently licensed in CA, NV, and AZ.  Our corporation recently converted to a Texas LLC, and we need…

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Leveling The Playing Field or CSLB Enforcement and New Business Names

This will ‘STING’ for some and be a honey of a good deal for others. Everyone benefits from these efforts to protect consumers and level the playing field for our licensed contractors. In another question from the field, the names have been changed to protect the innocent… Q:  You helped us obtain the attached corporate license.  If…

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