Contractor Licensing FAQs

The Capitol Connection is our weekly Q & A column for contractors that focuses on topics pertaining to contractor's licensing.

AZ LLC, Personnel and Owner Listing

One way good as another? Not in contractor licensing! Another contractor also sends me an ‘SOS’, then we do a ‘double take’ on LLC licenses in Arizona… Q: We have a new entity being set up for the purposes of obtaining a Contractor’s License, I will be the Qualifier as I have been previously licensed. I’m…

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Corporate Transfers and LLC Bonds

As I have for many years, I will have a ‘bonding’ experience with a contractor in our first inquiry. First time or regular client, I always provide an answer on contractor and industry issues in licensing that reaches across the country. Wherever the question comes from we make a new friend. As readers are ‘aware’ the…

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Legislative Update 2022

Sometimes it’s hard for busy contractors to keep up on the new rules and regulations. That’s just one reason we provide this resource for readers and when called on can provide the latest expert opinions in a hurry! Just check out some of what’s new this year 2022… First up is AB 569 on penalties. This bill…

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Worker Comp Exemption, Merging LLCs, Utah Reciprocity and Family License Waivers

What’s ‘old’ may be new again, but will you keep the license? I will ‘LLC’ what can be done. Another out of state contractor discovers that what was then isn’t now. Have an issue, questions or concerns about contractor licensing or rules for the construction industry? With decades of licensing assistance experience I can provide some…

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