Contractor Licensing FAQs

The Capitol Connection is our weekly Q & A column for contractors that focuses on topics pertaining to contractor's licensing.

Builders Agent For Notice with CA Secretary of State

Home, sweet home is a sentiment many people share. Your home is also where the most bitter, emotional disputes can arise when things go wrong. Knowing a consumers rights is important for every contractor. For homebuyers, protecting yourself before you move-in is a first step and subject of our first question Q: Not sure if this…

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Contractor License Question: Disassociation for Contractor License

A failure to communicate will cost a contractor big time, when he could have avoided the whole expensive problem with a single postage stamp. But first, one of the largest investments most people make is in their home. With the high cost of homes, thats now truer than ever in California. This makes contracts involving home…

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Arizona Contractor License Question

Can you sell your contractors license? Many contractors spend a lifetime building a successful business and when retirement looks likely they want to profit from their hard work by selling the company. Does the law limit who can buy it? Could you sell yours? At the other end of the spectrum, an aspiring contractor who can…

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Contractor License Questions: Removing license qualifiers and restrictions on licensing limited liability companies

Can you dump your license qualifier after 5 years in California? That’s just one of the current rumors that can confuse the already complex rules governing contractors. Another one involves the Legislature “limiting” the CSLB from licensing a popular business structure. What you know may be a “fact,” it’s what you “think” you know that can…

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